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What is causing 1999 Ford Taurus to overheat occasionally when idling?

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2006-07-10 22:16:29

Check to see if the radiator fan is running. If not, that can

certainly cause overheating when the engine idles. (owner's answer)

The problem with this car is that the water pump was bad. I had it

replaced and the inside was totally disolved because of corrosion.

When I first bought the car (in 2005) the heater wouldn't work,

then I noticed that the cooling overflow tank had alot of

corrosion. I took it to Jiffy Lube to have it flushed-out but they

were not able to do it, they told me to take it to a mechanic. I

paid a mechanic to flush out the system but the problem remained.

The only thing that was gone was about 120 dollars. I then took it

to a Ford dealer, they told me that the car needed a new head

gasket, hoses, and other parts that would cost about 3,200 dollars

to change ( I turned their offer down). Another mechanic had

suggested the problem could be the thermostat, so I had him change

it for 30 dollars, but the problem remained. The car would seem to

run fine, but once in a while while the car was idling at a red

light it would begin to overheat. But as soon as I would put it in

neutral and accelerate the engine, the temperature would come down.

Another mechanic suggested chaniging the radiator, but after

spending another 300 dollars, the problem remained. The car would

sometimes overheat when idling and the heater still wouldn't give

any hot air. Now that I have changed the water pump, the car is

running fine and the heater gives instant heat as soon as I turn it


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