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Check the door switch. The switch has either broken or the nut holding the switch has come off allowing the switch to recess into the car body.

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Q: What is causing the dome light to not turn off and the dash sensor is indicating there is a door open?
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Why is your light on 2001 Jeep Wrangler?

If it is a dash warning light, there is a failure causing it. If it is an exterior light, the switch may be on.If it is a dash warning light, there is a failure causing it. If it is an exterior light, the switch may be on.

Will 02 sensor make engine light come on?

Yes, replace the sensor and have the dash light reset.

Where is the sensor for the automatic light on a 2000 ls?

headlamp auto light control sensor maybe on the dash at center of your car

What is the Volkswagen Jetta dash sign of a circle with 3 dashes on either side?

This is a light indicating that the front brake pads are low. There is a sensor on them that causes a light to come on when they get to a certain point. You have time but I certainly would not wait too long.

Why 4x4 lights blink like a blinker?

When your 4X4 dash lights blink that is indicating a malfunction - could be just a sensor

Where is the light sensor is on a 2002 c320?

Where is the light sensor is on 2003 C 320, and how to check it. My dash board message says "1 Malfunction" check light sensor. Please help.. Thanks...

What does the yellow light on your dash of your Ford Fiesta mean?

Im not sure about yellow but the green means your indicating.

How do you reset the ABS sensor light on the dash after replacing the sensor?

unhook both battery cables for a few minutes

What are the two sensors on top of the dash on the RAV4?

a sunjight sensor for the medium light

Where is the front head light sensor for a 96 Grand Am?

The sunlight sensor is on driver side top of dash by corner of windshield.

Why does a 87 corvette dash lights fail to turn on?

my 87 does the same thing. i found if just a small light on the sensor located just off the lft upper corner of the dash gets light, it lights my dash like a new car. i believe that sensor is MY particular problem.

How do you replace windshield washer low fluid sensor on 2002 Honda accord?

A sensor light on the dash will come on indicating the car needs new washer fluid. To change the fluid, you open the hood and locate the container with the washer fluid symbol on it. You can unscrew the cap and pour more water in.

Why Volt meter dash light on 95 Explorer not working?

could be a sensor or relay

Why is Bonnet light lit up on dash but bonnet closed?

The sensor is damaged or missadjusted.

What is the red flashing light on dashboard of a Chrysler cirrus?

If it is a small, red flashing light in the upper right area of the dash panel, it is the light indicating that the anti-theft system is armed.

What is the brake light on the dash panel of a 1991 Honda Accord indicating when it turns on and off?

it may indicate that the brake fluid is low

Can the antilock brakes on a Thunderbird be bypassed?

You could remove the ABS fuse but the ABS dash light will remain on indicating the ABS system is not functioning.

95 caprice stop light sensor?

Stop light switch? Usually located at the upper end of the brake pedal under dash area

What is the small round sensor in the top of the dash in chevys?

It may be the temperature sensor for the automatic setting on your A/C. It monitors day light, to turn the headlights on and off automatically.

Dash lights out 2005 Nissan sentra after replacing the CD player?

When you were replacing the cd player you might have sparked a wire causing the dash light fuse to blow. Check the gas light fuse in the fuse box.

Where is the ambient light sensor on a 2001 chevy silverado?

middle of the dash, up by the windshield. looks like a little black LED light, but obviously doesn't light up.

Where is daylight running light sensor on 2003 gmc safari?

the sensor is in the post behind the drivers door at the bottom , this sensor turns your headlights on in daylight mode when car is started but it is not the sensor that turns them on brighter ( or the dash lights ) automatically when dark

Where is the light sensor in a 99 Chrysler LHS?

I have a 99 300m which is basically the same. If you are talking about the photo sensor for the auto headlights, it should be top of the dash between defrost vents.

What is the problem when the tail lights and the dash lights won't work on a Chevrolet pu?

Tail light fuse is blown. It also feeds the 5 amp dash light fuse. Also check for shorts causing the fuse to blow including the license plate light.

What is causing your ABS to act up when normal breaking in 1996 Lincoln town car?

My ABS on my 1995 Ford Explorer will cut in when I'm making normal stops on dry pavement . I took it in to get checked out and the mechanic / technician figured it was an ABS sensor , but until the ABS light in the dash comes on he doesn't know WHICH sensor it would be