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CratersI think it is simply a packing down of the sand, especially if it wasn't thoroughly packed to begin with. I don't think there is much you can do about it now. I hope you are correctI have the same problem. I did not wet trowel the sand when I installed my liner. But I have noticed something else that may be contributing to the problem. There seems to be a ground squirrel around my pool in the summer. There used to be two, but poison that I placed in the holes that I found has killed at least one. I am thinking of setting some kill traps under the deck area.

Also consider the possibility of a leak, this would also create a void by erosion.

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Which body has many craters in space?

The moon is known for having many craters. Some of the craters have been given names by various astronomers and scientists, based on explorations of the moon done by NASA

Why is moon having spots?

The spots are craters left over from meteors that hit the moon.

Is mercury similar to any other planet?

In appearance, he is similar to the Moon, having some craters with smooth plains.

What effect does not having an atmosphere have on mercury?

Many meteors pass through the mesospheres letting them hit the surface creating craters.

Why do you see several impact craters on the earth but few on the moon?

There are relatively few craters identified on the surface of the Earth while there are thousands (millions) on the moon. It is hard to find one point on the moon that is not in one crater and there are craters in craters in craters. (See images in related link for Moon.) Obviously, the major reason behind this is that the craters that formed on the Earth eroded over time due to wind, rain and other natural factors which are nearly absent on the moon. Thus Earth's craters disappear over millions of years while the craters on the moon remain for billions of years. (The primary way a crater is made to disappear from the surface of the moon is by having another impact crater formed and the dust and debris from later impacts disturb or destroy or cover the original crater.)

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What does the word groundless mean?

Having no ground or foundation

What is the physical feature of mercury?

Mercury has many physical features such as having magnetic poles, magnetic shock waves, craters, wrinkle ridges, and planes.

Did the cooling of molten material on the moon form craters?

The conditions on the moon prevent it from having a strong atmosphere like Earth. Because of this, it is unable to shield itself from impacts of meteors. The craters you see on the moon were formed by impacts from meteors moreso than seismic activity on the moon itself.

Does Uranus have any impact cratering on it?

No way to tell as the entire planet is shrouded in clouds. But, having said that, many of its moons (e.g., Titania and Oberon) have impact craters. So it's not a far reach to believe that Uranus itself would have impact craters in its rocky central core.

What are some physical features of mercury?

Mercury has many physical features such as having magnetic poles, magnetic shock waves, craters, wrinkle ridges, and planes.

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