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Is the leak occurring when filling the tub or all of the time? If during then your source is in the pipe from the valve handles to the spout. If at the valve then I would give some attention to the stem packing.

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What structure is attached to the lens causing its shape to be change?

Ciliary muscles

Can you put heat on an American girl dolls hair?

You shouldn't use ANY heat on a doll's hair. The hair is attached with plastic and using heat will melt it causing the hair to come out.

What is a sail?

A sail is a piece of fabric attached to a boat, causing the wind to drive the boat along.

What would happen if a person's Myelin was destroyed or damaged?

Myelin is the insulating "sheath" that surrounds nerves in your body. When the myelin breaks down, false signals make it into the nerves, sometimes causing pain, and sometimes causing muscle spasms.

What is attached to the inferior surface of the cecum?

The appendix is usually attached to the inferior surface of the cecum. However, the appendix may be removed, causing no harm or disruption to the natural working order of the body.

Does lung cancer spread to the liver?

Yes it does, Lung cancer spread to the liver as they are attached causing Liver Lung Cancer.

What is causing my fan to make a loud winding noise and the air not to come out very hard even all the way up?

if its a standard engine with a pulley fan then try replacing the fan clutch. its the silver part attached to the fan and the engine. might need to replace the belts as well.

USS Maine explodes causing the Spanish American War?


What are the negative influence of industrial action on the standard of living of workers?

the negative influence of industrial action on the standard of living of workers is that it will decrease there spending power causing them to consume less resulting in a decline in there standard of living

What happened to undigested material?

It will be excreted if you're lucky. If not it can become impacted and create a blockage causing issues described in the attached link.

What problem was causing conflict between european and Latin American nation?

Scramble for natural resources was one of the problems that was causing conflict between European and Latin American nation. Cultural conflicts was the other problem.Ê

The War of 1812 had a profound impact on the American economy by causing an increase in?


The endoplasmic reticulum is an interconnecting system of tubes and flattened sacs that are attached to the nuclear membrane causing the main function of what?

it's ' a & b ' on plato (:

Why do pennies stay attached to the temples of your head as if by magnetism all by themselves especially during a headache?

Actually, pennies stay attached to the temples because of folds in the skin. A person with a headache will squint more causing more adhesions.

What plates are causing Mount Rainier to form?

The plates that are currently causing Mount rainier to form is the North American plate and the Jaun de Fuca plate.

Could a fetus pull on an umbilical cord at 29 weeks of pregnancy causing pain around the belly button area?

yes it can pull, no it shouldn't cause pain because the umbilical cord is not attached to your belly button, its attached to the placenta.

What is the purpose of the strings in the piano?

The piano is a percussion instrument. That is because when you press a key, that key is attached to a little hammer that hits the string, causing noise.

How do you treat a torn upper labial frenulum?

the frenum sometimes must be gently cut with a scalpel if it is attached too close to the sulcus, it will pull on the gingiva causing it to pull away from the neck of the tooth, causing gum erosion, exposing the dentin.

What is arrector pilli muscle?

tiny muscle fibers attached to each hair follicle, which contract to make the hairs stand on end, causing goose bumps.

Who is most responsible for causing the first battle between the American and Mexican armies?

People in usa

What American general led troops into disputed Mexican territory causing a border clash that led to the Mexican-American war?

Zachary Taylor

Which tectonic plates caused the 2011 earthquake?

The Caribbean and North American plates transformed, causing the earthquake.

What kind of viruses cause rhuematiod arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis is not caused by a virus, it is a autoimmune disorder. With rheumatoid arthritis the body starts to attack the synovia, the fluid that surrounds and lubricates joints, causing the joints to swell and become painful.

What makes the sound of a clarinet?

Sound is produced by blowing through the horn, causing an attached reed to vibrate. By convering or uncovering the holes/keys the pitch is changed from higher to lower.

What would be causing two electrical on-off switches to be dripping a clear sticky substance?

It might be sap from the wood the switch boxes are attached to , or someone has sticky fingers.....

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