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What is coin president?

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Please post a new question with more details. I'm not sure what your question means, I'm afraid.

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What president is on the 1 cent coin?

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President is on the 1 cent coin :)

What coin is the 35th president on?

The 35th President of the US, John F. Kennedy, is on the half dollar coin

Which coin is president Lincoln on?

The US one cent coin...

Who is Coin in Mockingjay?

Coin is the president of District 13 in Mockingjay.

What president is on the gold dollar coin?

The coin is brass not gold, the names are on the front of the coin.

What US coin that feature a president image twice?

The One Dollar United States coin is the coin that features the image of the president twice. This is as a result of the Presidential Coin Act of 2005.

Can the president coin money?


Was president coin a woman?


Who does katniss kill in Mockingjay?

She kills President coin shooting an arrow. But, she was supposed to kill President Snow. But instead she accidently shot President Coin. When she shot the arrow, President Coin fell over the balcony and falls to the ground, dead.

What is on a 10cent coin?

The US 10 cent coin has president Roosevelt.

What president was first to be pictured on a circulating coin?

president Lincoln

Who was the leader of the rebels?

President Coin

President bush is on what coin?


What president is on the .50 cent coin?

The president on the 50 cent coin is John F. Kennedy.

What does a 1874 to 1937 san fransico coin look like?

the coin has the president on it

How much is an 1841 president harrison coin worth?

The coin was struck in 2009 not 1841. The date and mint mark is on the edge of the coin. 1841 is the date he served as president. Value is one dollar.

Does a president have to be on every US coin?

No. There are many presidents that were never even on a single coin.

What coin is president Jackson on?

The only coin I can think of featuring Jackson is the Presidential $1 coin with him on it. He also appears on the $20 bill, but that's not a coin.

What is the president on a penny coin?

Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States.

Who is in the 1 cent coin?

President Lincoln

What president is not on a coin or bill?

MR Obama

What president is on the coin nickel?

Thomas Jefferson

What page does president coin die on?


What is your Coin XX US President James a Garfield worth?

Coin XX US President James a Garfield is worth more than $12.45.

Does the president have the power to coin money?

no. only the legislative (congress) branch has the power to coin money.