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What is commercial fruit grower?

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Fruit growing on a large scale

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How long will fruit keep refrigerated?

It depends on what fruit, how cold and what container the fruit is stored in as well as how long it took to transport from the grower and sell at the market.

Who is the richest person in kent in England?

probably mansfields , fruit supplier and grower mansfields farms

What is the meaning of cash crop?

a crop produced for its commercial value rather than for use by the grower

Is grower an adverb?

No. Grower is a noun.

Who sings tempted by the fruit of another in the fruit of the loom commercial?


What fruit did Denzel Washington play in a fruit of loom commercial?


Why does the grower pay for the seed?

The grower pays for the seed, because it is held against his or her account when the grower is paid for the harvested crop.

What country singer was the voice of the singing fruit in the fruit of the loom commercial?

Vince Gill

What song is the commercial i don't care what you wear down there from?

Fruit of the loom underpants commercial.

How tall is Julius Grower?

Julius Grower is 5' 8 1/2".

Who is the actress in the fruit of the loom commercial?

Mickey Facchinello

What state is the biggest grower of rice in the US?

The biggest grower of rice in the USA is Arkansas.

Who sings date night from the fruit of the loom commercial?

It's an original Fruit of the Loom commercial. It's such a good song, but it's only as long as you see it in the commercial. You can download the MP3 and the ringtone for free on the website:

Saw a kashi bar commercial on HG TV and you saw a bright pink fruit on it what was that bright pink fruit?

I believe it is Dragon Fruit.

When did William Thomas Campbell Grower die?

William Thomas Campbell Grower died in 1864.

When was William Thomas Campbell Grower born?

William Thomas Campbell Grower was born in 1840.

When was Russell Grower born?

Russell Grower was born on June 5, 1924, in Illinois, USA.

When was Soma - cannabis grower - born?

Soma - cannabis grower - was born in 1949.

What has the author George Albert Coleman written?

George Albert Coleman has written: 'Beekeeping for the fruit-grower and small rancher, or amateur' -- subject(s): Bee culture

What is a commercial garden?

A garden that sells the fruit/vegetables that are grown.

Which country is the second largest apple grower?

The United States is the second largest apple grower in the world with an annual production of about 4,500,000 tonnes. China is by far the largest grower with an annual production of about 30,000,000 tonnes. Poland is the third largest grower with an annual production of about 3,000,000 tonnes.

What are the names of the two groups of plants?

1 kind of plant is a seed grower and the other 1 is a fern grower

Who sings Date Night on commercial for Fruit of the Loom?

Tim Davis

What country singer sings the Fruit of the Loom commercial?

Vince Gill

What is a grape farmer called?

The name winegrower is given to a person who cultivates grapes for the purpose of making wine while a grape grower is the name given to a person cultivating grapes as a fruit.