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Conscious Reggae is culture that is derived from Jamaica. To maintain the positivity and peace within the poor areas in which violence and the enslavement of people still rules today. It may be considered a revolution, a fight for the empowerment of black culture and black awareness of self through the oppression of European society.
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What is reggae music?

History Reggae's origins are in traditional African and Caribbean music; American rhythm and blues; and in Jamaican ska and rocksteady. In 1963, Coxsone Dodd of Studio One asked Jackie Mittoo (pianist of The Skatalites) to run recording sessions and compose original music. Mittoo, with the help of ( Full Answer )

What is conscious thought?

Conscious thought, when put in a simple way is Being aware of the Thought process or thinking of what we are thinking.. People generally identify themselves with their thought but in reality it is not so. There is an infinite and eternal space from where the thoughts arise. This space also houses t ( Full Answer )

How did reggae originate?

My mother was banging some pots and pans together, and all thesudden a multitude of heaven sprang out of my face. Swag

What is conscious in obedience?

Conscious in obedience is when you have to make an effort to dowhat you are told. You have to put thought into actually doing whatis right.

How did reggae develop?

Reggae & Bob Marley . . . Reggae was developed in Jamaica in the late 1960s. It is one of the most influential styles of music. The word reggae may come from the Jamaican word for "ragged man" or common person. In the 1950s Jamaican musicians began to experiment with drum and bass patterns which ( Full Answer )

Reggae was introduced by who?

well peter tosh said they were playing reggae in Africa hundreds of years ago with drums but bob Marley and lee perry introduced it it is just ska and rock put together bob marleys older stuff is more ska

When did reggae originate?

Reggae is a popular type of music that was first developed InJamaica in the late 1960s. Reggae first appeared in print with the1968 rocksteady hit 'Do the Reggay'.

What does conscious mean?

Conscious is to be aware of yourself, those around you andyour environment . Msconfuddled blog spot co uk explains itin more detail.

Where does reggae come from?

Reggae is a genre of music originally from the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. It has its roots in Ska and has evolved to include many sub genre like dancehall and roots and culture reggae. Think of artist like Bob Marley Peter Tosh as more roots and artist like shaggy, beenie man, and Sean paul as dan ( Full Answer )

What is conscious behavior?

Conscious behavior largely includes cognitive processes of the ego, such as thinking, perception, and planning, as well as some aspects of the superego, such as moral conscience..

Are you conscious when you are asleep?

During sleep your RAS, or reticular activating system, which is responsible for keeping the cerebrum active, shuts down, leaving you in a state of unconsciousness. Sleep is a very complex entity, and is more than likely discussed elsewhere. J. DeLaughter, DO

What is reggae reggae source?

Reggae Reggae source is the best source in the world, it was invented by Levi roots in draggons den. it's a very nice source what you can put on your chicken, nice and spicey.

A sentence with conscious in?

Her son was finally conscious after being in a coma for 2 months.Conscious means to be aware of your surroundings and what is goingon.

Conscious in a sentence?

She was awake and conscious after being in a coma for 5 days.Conscious means that a person is aware of their surroundings.

WHAT IS Conscious thoughts?

Consciousness is defined as the knowledge as one's own thoughts, perceptions, feelings, sensations and the external environment. So in a sense, conscious thoughts are the thoughts that make you aware of your environment.

What does conscious?

Conscious means that someone is aware of what they are thinking anddoing. Many people are aware of their day-to-day surroundings.

Where and did reggae begin?

reggae began, because some Jamaicans wanted to spread their message, and they wanted to spread it through music and lyrics, their message was anti-war and love peace and harmony!

Who does reggae?

Bob Marley, people who smoke weed and no one else its not that popular. Also how is this a religious question you should feel ashamed for wasting my study time.

Where is your conscious?

Philosophers, scientists, psychologists and neurologists are still trying to find out. To date, no one knows.

Where does reggae originate from?

It flourished in the Caribbean but it is deeply rooted in the mix of music from the slaves of Africa and the Latino music of southern and middle America coming together

What is a sentence for conscious?

Sally was so excited for Christmas, she began to hyperventilate, and it was a challenge for Dave to calm her down and keep her conscious.

Why is reggae important?

Reggae and the music is for a healing of the nations of this earth. That's the importance.

What is conscious rap?

Conscious rap is rap that deals with complex and intricate subjects at least more so then mainstream rap. It focuses on lyrical content rather then the beat. Conscious rap is generally in the underground rap genre and is rarely heard mainstream. Some examples of conscious rappers are: Nas, Sonicbloo ( Full Answer )

What are facts about reggae?

the most popular reggae artist is Bob Marley(the one who sang three little birds).it comes from jamaica it was first heard in the uk in the 1950`s when immigrants began to settle there . it was then known as ska or bluebeat hope this helps . emilyxx

What are conscious and sub conscious mind?

To understand conscious and subconscious minds we must know what mind is. We believe that mind is something abstract. However, in fact, it is not! What is body? We know that shortening or isotonic contraction of the skeletal muscular system brings about movements. Being present all over the ( Full Answer )

Why is reggae music called reggae music?

The 1967 edition of the Dictionary of Jamaican English lists reggae as "a recently estab. sp. for rege ", as in rege-rege , a word that can mean either "rags, ragged clothing" or "a quarrel, a row". [1]

Who created reggae?

The word -Reggae- was created and coined in the tenement yard in Trench Town by Ras Cardo ( Ricardo A. Scott) in 1962. This is a poor ghetto area of west Kingston in the Caribbean island of Jamaica. He has the copyrighted materials as the proof from the Library of Congress in the USA. Many have rep ( Full Answer )

Who playes reggae?

quite often there is a guitar and a singer. and some times a you can hear drums

When was reggae created?

Reggae was created in 1962, in the backyard of ras cardo with his friends and brethrens in trench town. Bob Marley, joe higgs, junior braithwaite, Alton Ellis, delroy Wilson and a host of other now known reggae greats were there. Ras cardo has their testimonials and incontrovertible proof as well as ( Full Answer )

Is coral conscious?

Most scientists and experts would agree that coral is not conscious, because it has no brain, but only simple 'nervous net'. However, it is impossible to say for sure one way or the other, as we are not corals, and I think that only a coral could ever know whether it is conscious or not.

What is reggae used for?

A style of Jamaican popular music blending blues, calypso, and rock-'n'-roll, characterized by a strong syncopated rhythm and lyrics of social protest.

What is the purpose of reggae?

So you can shake your a*s and dance, while smoking weed at the beach !! It's party music ( and more...) from Jamaica!

What is reggae stands for?

The world now knows that Ras Cardo from trench town coined the word -Reggae- from a street word- STREGGAE. He has written about all this in his books and detailed truths writings since trench town days. Ras cardo also has copyrighted all his works and has also written that the word- REGGAE as an acr ( Full Answer )

Why was reggae created?

Ras Cardo created reggae to help people all over the world and to bring the concerns and sufferings of the trench town people to the world. What happens in trench town is the same all over the world. We are one people, with one God and creator, and should show -One love towards each other. Ras Cardo ( Full Answer )

Are jellyfish conscious?

Depends on how you define consciousness. If you define it as awareness of one's own existence then no, they do not, because you need a brain to produce such thoughts. However, they can successfully survive based on cellular memory.

Is bobmarley reggae?

If you need to ask this question, you don't deserve to know the answer. No, he's (was) Jamaican. He played reggae music.

What is reggae where did it come from?

reggae is a style of music which consists of four beats... and on beats 2 and four a guitar is played or any other type of instrument... started in the Caribbean

How do you be technology conscious?

Buy technology magazine, read it , sleep with it, go to washroom with it. Buy new computer and choose the specs yourself. Buy new smartphones, get into internet all your time.

When and where reggae did originate?

It originated in the back yards of Ras cardo in trench town Jamaica in 1962. It was also named and created by Ras cardo in trench town in 1962. He is one of the original wailing wailers along with Junior Braithwaite. They passed the name and the torch to Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny . There is n ( Full Answer )

What is conscious evil?

Conscious evil is the same as moral evil, which is contrasted to ontological evil. Ontological evil is not due to human agency; it occurs when human suffering is caused by natural events such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Moral or conscious evil is due to human agency; it occurs when a human bein ( Full Answer )

What is securitity conscious?

You keep security in mind for day to day operations and the way you conduct business.

Who has the exclusive copyrights for creating reggae and reggae opera?

Ricardo(Ras cardo) Scott holds the exclusive copyrights for coining and creating reggae and reggae opera. He created- reggae in 1962 trench town, and reggae opera in 1964 also in trench town. The library of Congress in Washington DC has the listings for all to see. He holds the performance rights as ( Full Answer )

Why does reggae have religion in?

Reggae music is heavily tied to the culture of Jamaica and is characterised by deep social and political themes, resulting in reggae songwriters including messages with a strong Christian or Rastafarian theme, since the two religions are popular in Jamaica

What is a conscious?

Relating to the part of the human mind that is aware of a persons self, environment and mental activity that determines choices of action.

What is the suffix of conscious?

Your answer is "ness" ! So the word is "consciousness" ! Here's oneexample ! "The crowd regained consciousness after hearing DarinGeltzer's band's music!"

What is energy conscious?

It means being aware of your energy usage, and the impact you arehaving. An energy conscious person would make an effort to turn offthe TV at night, to turn out lights when they leave the room, toonly use hot water when they really need it, and would activelylook for other ways to reduce their energ ( Full Answer )