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the glow plug controller is grounded through the coolant temp sensor . @ 16,000 ohms resistance... normal...seems to have to have it to work. new controllers by international seem to be real resonsive. smaller electronics.

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Why is our Ford F-250 Diesel 7.3 glow plugs not working relay and fuse is good Next Step?

what year model is it? Is it an IDI or DI powerstroke? with the later model powerstroke the pcm provides ground for the relay need Moore info to answer

Why won't your car shut off?

2000 cougar ,ignition relay has fuse 23 on inside fuse block energizing coils,faulty trunk ajar relay ?

Where is the horn relay on a 2000 F350 Powerstroke?

horn relay is under passenger side fender. to access it you need to remove the plastic liner inside the fender

Where is the glow plug relay located on a 1995 powerstroke?

look right above the passenger side valve cover, right behind alternator, that is the glow plug relay.

How do you test the air intake heater on a 7.3 L powerstroke diesel?

How do I test the air intake heater relay on a 7.3 desiel

Will changing the run relay on a 2003 Saturn Ion repair a heater and AC blower that does not work?

when the relay is working, it's energizing the blower... jump power to the motor, (be the relay!) to see if the blower works... also, listen to see if the relay is clicking "on" when you turn the switch on the dash(could be a switch) good luck d

Normal open relay?

A relay is an electrical device that acts like a light switch. But instead of a person turning the switch off and on, it is done by energizing it from a remote source. So when you hook two wires to a relay, if the relay is normally open, there will be no connection between the two wires until the relay receives a signal (outside source to energize relay) to close. Simply put, an open relay is the same as a light switch that is turned off, and will always be off until told to turn on.

Where is the Location of 2000 powerstroke fuel pump relay driver?

I have been looking behind radio in the power distribution box , nothing yet chiltons does not know ford dealer does not know

1995 Ford F-350 7.3 with powerstroke will not start with out starter fuild?

Sounds like you need to change the glow plugs or the glow plug relay switch or both.

How do i know which relay is the blower motor relay?

Because it is connected (by a few wires if I'm not mistaken) to the blower motor.

Why did they do an Olympic torch relay in Greece?

because they had that in the B.C.s

What happen to the motor if you press both start and stop button simultaneously?

In a properly designed and installed system, nothing will happen. If you press the start first the contactor or start relays may close energizing the motor briefly but the relay will open and stay open when the stop is pressed.

Where is fuel pump relay on 1985 Chevy s-10?

There is no fuel pump relay on a 85 s10 because it is carberated.

Is relying verb or adjective?

relay is a verb it's because relay is the group that takes the place of another to work going continously.

Is the fuel pump relay a switch or a fuel?

it is relay simply because it connect flow of fuel from one point to another in the vehicle

Where do you find the fuel pump relay switch in a 92 Dodge Dynasty?

It should be located on the driver side fender... 2nd relay back (because theres a row of relays in that panel) I heard that you can switch the fuel pump relay with the horn relay and if the vehicle starts and the horn wont work then the relay is bad.

Why impedance relay is called as distance relay?

because the distance is propotional to the impedance of the line ,so the operation of the impedance relay comes into picture when the impedance seen by the relay is less than the pre-setting value.When a fault occurs ,the current increases to a high value and so the Impedence decreases and the relay actuates

Why buchholz relay installed in inclined position?

The Buchholz relay is installed in an inclined position because of buoyancy. Slightly inclined so the gas bubbles will flow to the cover and then to the Buchholz relay and not stay in a pipe corner.

What are the order of the four strokes in an individual medley and in the team relay in swimming?

In the individual medley it's fly, back, breast, free. But in medley relay it's back, breast, fly, free It's different in the relay because backstroke has to start a the medley relay, there's no such thing as a '4X2L Backstoke relay, it's imposable.

Why does your starter relay stick on 1988 ford f150?

I have changed the starter relay at least 10 times. FinaLLY CHANGED THE STARTER> WORKED FOR AWHILE then the relay started sticking again and burned up another starter. First I thought it was residual magnetism keeping the coil in the relay energized. Then, contacted car quest about possible bad relays. Disconnected all voltage from relay, ignition and battery. The contacts were still in the closed position energizing the starter when positive from the battery was connected to the relay, no voltage from ignition, wire off. I suspect now the starter is pulling so much current it is melting the contacts together . So far I have not came up with a solution. Driving me nuts!!! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting change. Sounds like you need a professional diagnosis.

Will the relay switch effect the cooling fans?

Yes. Most cooling fans are controlled by a relay because they take too much current to be wired directly.

Chevy Cavalier z24 clicking after start?

Find where the clicking is coming from.It sounds like a relay losing power and energizing again.So maybe a loose batt. cable or short somewhere.Check the smaller positive lead that drives the under hood fuse panel....but you must find what is doing the clicking.Then you can go from there.

Why does a Porsche 944 temp run high till you step on gas?

because your fans arent working, which could be a faulty relay, fuse or faulty thermoswitch. on mine it was the relay which is expensive for a relay. if that isn't the problem try changing your thermostat.

Where is the fan relay?

The fan relay is in the relay box next to the says fan relay on it.

What is auxiliary relay?

An auxiliary relay is a back-up relay in case the primary relay fails.