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What is cost of replacing wheel bearings on 1999 olds aurora?


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The cost of replacing the wheel bearings on a 1999 Oldsmobile Aurora is about $120. This depends on the hourly cost of the mechanic.

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The wheel bearings in the 1996 and newer Taurus / Sables cannot be greased.See "Related Questions" below for information / procedures for replacing wheel bearings.

How do you replace the front wheel bearings on a nissan frontier 4x4 1999

They are sealed bearings that come as part of the hub.

If it is 4x4, you have to replace the whole hub

On your 99 fatboy you have timken tapered wheel bearings on the 01 fatboy you have sealed wheel bearings that aren't interchangeable. Timken does however make a cross reference replacement for the sealed wheel bearings. Due to the bearings having different axle bolt diameters

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you must repalce the whole hub since it comes as a assembly.

Begin by removing the tire and wheel from your 1999 Dodge Adventure. Remove the end of the axle. Remove the wheel bearing retaining nut. Remove the wheel bearing seal and remove the wheel bearing. Reverse the process to install your new wheel bearing.

you dont,you take it to a shop and pay them 500 dollars to fix it

Between $50 and $100, depends how hard you look.

You will have to give more information to get a good answer. Two wheel or 4 wheel drive, front or rear, etc.,, What year is it? Front wheel bearings on the mid 90" should be easy to change. Just remove the wheel, remove the bearings and the races (will have to be pressed or knocked out of the hub) then replace the races, first, then the bearings. Put plenty of grease on them . You should replace the seals as well. On the 1999 and probably later, you will find that they have a "double set" of bearings for each wheel with only one bearing race. You will have to have the old race pressed out at a machine shop and the new one pressed in, again press the bearings and put in new seals. Will cost over $100 per wheel for the bearings and machine work in most places, plus the cost of the seals.

Where is the fuel filter located in a 1999 oldsmobile aurora

I have heard that if you have papers or napkins in the glove compartment box they can get sucked into the air vent which then makes a humming noise that you can hear while driving and as you increase the speed the pitch of the noise gets louder.

you have to take it to a machine shop to press off then press new one on

Remove the tire and wheel. Remove the axle end cap. Remove the bearing seal. Remove the bearing. Reverse the process to install the new bearings.

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i don't know if this will work but i am changing the wheel bearings on my 97 Malibu this weekend and i know that an abs sensor is located on the front abs light is also on.... my bearings definitly need work so hopefully i can knock out to birds with one stone

Changing the bearings can become tricky, time consuming and sometimes brutal in front wheel drive assemblies. If you have damaged the bearings (and other stuff you don't know about yet) through abuse or accident you may find it easier and cheaperto get the whole front axle from a pull a part place; that's right' plug and play! The front wheel drives on alot of troopers where never used; secret's out now.

Around $75 in parts and $100-150 in labor all varies

If you are talking about the crankshaft rod bearings, you can just remove the oil pan, and replace each crank bearing one at a time without actually removing the pistons. But to replace the piston pin rod bearings the pistons will have to be removed. IMO, if any of these bearings are worn bad enough to need replacing, then the engine needs a complete overhaul.

it all depends on which wheel bearing you are trying to replace. for your front wheel bearings you have to remove the brakes, and axel. then you have to have a new bearing pressed into the housing. for a rear wheel bearing most of the time you can only purchase a pre packaged hub assembly. to replace that remove the brakes then remove the four bolts located on the rear of the hub assembly and it should come right off.

No you can not. The front wheel bearings will come apart and fluid will run out of the front differential.

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