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What is crawling in seo and how it is useful?


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Thank you for your question. "Crawling" as it relates to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the term for the actions that a search engine's automatic navigator (referred to as a "bot" or "spider") performs when searching for relevant websites on the internet. For instance, Google is constantly sending out "spiders" and "bots" to discover which websites contain the most relevant information related to certain keywords.

As an example, let's say you have registered a domain name and have established a website. You could use the crawling of these spiders and bots to your advantage by having many links on websites with good reputations and related content to that of your own website. Google could then crawl these sites and find the links pointing to your website, and it would associate the content and reputation of that bigger website with your own.

This alone will not raise your website's page rankings, however. Your website itself needs to have a lot of quality content and specific, related keywords on it in order to achieve a high ranking under specific keywords.

There are many ways to get your website noticed by bots through crawling, and one of the most important ways is to submit content to these websites themselves containing links to your site. This is called "article marketing" and "article submission" and is not only a great way to drive quality traffic to your website directly, but it will also lead to future quality traffic indirectly by raising your site's search rankings.

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Crawling is also called as indexing. The web page or web site indexed by search engines and You can increase your webisite ranking or keyword ranking.


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Crawling is done by search engine bots (eg. Googlebot) to check new and updated pages to rank them. It is analyzing webpage links and content to rank according to that.

Yes sitemap is useful in seo. it helps crawler to crawle web pages of websites properly.

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Put meta tags on each webpage with the proper keywords, Title and Description. You can als put a sitemap for better spider crawling.

To increase the visibility on internet for online visitors By SEO you can drive targeted traffic and visitors on your website and converts them into cutosmer. SEO feature is increases the online revenue for your website. SEO is popular now, almost every owner of a website do seo to improve its keywords' ranking in search engines like google, yahoo, msn, live and etc, it's really useful.

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Alexa-Ranking is the most used SEO tool, providing countless users with the ability to track how many people visit their site. It is also useful for taking statistical information.

if you are going to giving interview in online marketing|seo industry you should knowledge about basic question of seo what is crawling what is search engine optimization what is ranking what is sitemap what are basic of onpage optimization Crawling mean website crawl or index by Google robots. Search Engine Optimization mean improve online viability or grow online business. Website page visible in search engine called ranking. Sitemap like page index. Sitemap have 2 type HTML Sitemap or XML sitemap. Basic On page Optimization Implement Meta Tags.

Search engines don't usually advertise their crawling dates. Many SEO experts forecast them anyways and many times they are right.

There are numerous strategies relating to SEO which claim to be "the ultimate". The sites of marketing experts such as Evan Carmichael, Jason Acidre and David Wood all contain useful tips.

In Guk Seo goes by Seo In Guk.

aAll can one learn youtub SEO .

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SEO is a key method of driving traffic to a website, by having a SEO optimized blog this will support the SEO of a website. Tumblr does not enable SEO optimization.

Crawling is a verb. It describes an action.

Interactive SEO means engagement to the users and provide the best experience. That's how modern SEO today.

Seo Hui was born in 942.

Kōji Seo was born in 1974.

The duration of The Crawling Hand is 1.48 hours.

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