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What is cultured dextrose?


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This is a tough one, as a biologist I can say that the name "cultured dextrose" doesn't really specify what is within. Alcohol could be cultured dextrose, as could penicillin. This is one of those industry vernacular phrases, virtually designed to mask the actual nature of the ingredients. Not to say it is harmful, but without industrial access to msds and other proprietary info about cultured dextrose products like Microguard. I have faced this in my career where I have basically had to threaten the company with discontinuing use of their product if they didn't disclose more. I have read a couple of descriptions that say "various peptides and metabolites"- that could be anything under the sun grown via bacteria or yeast (or even Chinese hamster ovary cells), and I would worry about people that have food allergies.

Possibly a far better altenrative to the nasty BHA and BHT like chemicals we usually get, but I wish they would spill the beans on my hummus.


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it called 5 % Dextrose because contains 5 gram of Dextrose / 100ml of Water (5% Dextrose in Water)

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Solution: Dextrose 5% in water for injection.Solute: DextroseSolvent: Water for injection.

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Dextrose is corn-based.

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Dextrose can be known as glucose which is a sweetenerC6H12O6C.

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Yes because dextrose is a type of sugar.

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