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What is customer development process?

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It is the process of attracting and keeping customers. It begins with everyone who might concievably buy the product or service of an organization and they are the suspects. From the suspects the company determines the prospects- those who seem to show interest in the products. The prospects are then converted into first-time customers and then into repeat customers when customers are satisfied with their buy.Repeat buyers become clients who are given preferential treatment by giving them hampers on occasions.The next thing to do is to turn the clients into members by forming membership programmes that offer benefits to customers who join. Members become advocates because they trust and relay on the organization. The advocates enthusiastically recommend the company or organization's products and services to others. The final thing to do is to change the advocates into partners,who are loyal to the company, are comfortable and would stay in the company for a very long time if not for life. Some may become inactive or drop out. Reactivate dissatisfied customers through win-back strategies and win back only those customers who have strong profit potentials.

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What is a Software Engineering Process Framework explain in detail?

Software product meets the customer requirement or not. Time to deliver the product to customer. Cost for development product. Validation and Verification at last maintenance cost

The process of bone growth and development?

A: the process of bone groth and development is called osteogenesis.

What is supplier upgradation?

Supplier Upgradation relates with a step by step development process that includes, Training to suppliers, supplier's technical, quality, delivery and collaboration with customer.

Why is the research process so important?

--helps in market segmentation according to customer requirements --also helps in product development and extension since you the customer requirements -also helps to identify the marketing method to use towards the consumers

How can new customer service situations aid self development and career progression?

how can new customer service situations can help with self development and career progression.

What is the relationship between systems development process and IT project management?

The IT project management is on top of the systems development process and its absence in the systems development process will results to wastage of resources.

What is the content of the Fogbugz website?

The content of the Fogbugz website is dedicated to help track different bugs, issues and customer support tickets through the development process of software.

Explain briefly evolutionary software process model?

The evolutionary software process model involves working with the customers. It starts by specifying clear requirements of the software and features suggested by the customer are added later during development.

What is the definition of the word development?

development means1. the process of developing 2. The process of making something 3. The process of planning

How do growth and development differ?

Growth is the process of becoming larger. Development is the process of becoming more complex.

What are the seven factors which determine the effectiveness of training and development process?

Seven factors which determines the effectiveness of training and development process, what are the various roles of training and development

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The process of becoming an adult is development.

What is Program Development Process?

A process in which a program is developed. wordd.

What IS the process of increased development around cities?

it is the process of urbanisation.

What is development process?

A development process is a list of semi-ordered items that are used to accomplish a goal in software development. These could be used in everything from designing to constructing models.

What is generic activity in software process?

Generic activities in all software processes are: • Specification - what the system should do and its development constraints. • Development - production of the software system. • Validation - checking that the software is what the customer wants. • Evolution - changing the software in response to changing demands.

What process primarily reflects the role of nature in human development?

A process primarily reflected in the role of nature in human development is maturation.

What is the process of growth in complex Organisms?

The growth of the process of becoming development

What is agricultural development?

Agricultural development is basically the process of developing the agricultural system.

What is rural development?

Rural development is a process where the problems of a community have been solved.

What type of role can organizational development play in making process improvements?

What type of role can organizational development play in making process improvements

What is consumer modeling?

Customer modeling is the process of predicting and forecasting trends and aspects of customers future visions. Part of this process is testing customer information and creating surveys.

When gathering information from the customer to process a claim, what is the first question that you should ask the customer?

if this is their final decision

What is the software process model for property search project?

Agile Development process

What is the definition of method development by hplc?

Method development is a process amenable to continuous improvement

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