What is difference between efficiency and effectiveness?

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Efficiency is all about saving time, money or effort. Effectiveness is all about getting the job done.

Improved:  Efficiency is doing things right, and effectiveness is doing the right things.

Efficiency is a measure of speed and cost. For example: Efficiency says "Getting someone in here right away is more important than getting the right person later." Effectiveness is a measure of quality. Effectiveness says the opposite: "Hiring the right person is more important than hiring someone right away."
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What is the difference between efficient and efficacious?

Efficient means done in a way that is least difficult, complicated, costly, or time-consuming. In short, a better way. Efficacious means "having the desired result" or more simply "effective." Many individuals use the word efficacious incorrectly, to mean more efficient .

What is the difference between efficacy and efficiency?

Well, efficacy is whether it works or not... whether it has that capacity. Efficiency is not whether it works, but how well it works... how quickly, how many people have to be involved, etc. If you cut down the amount of time it takes or the amount of workers it takes, then you are improving efficie ( Full Answer )

Difference between organizations Effectiveness and efficiency?

Answer . Effectiveness simply relates to reaching goals...so a company that has captured a 75% market share is very effective. Efficiency relates to how much they needed to spend or invest in relation to their effectiveness...so if two companies each had only a 0.1% rejection rate off the assembl ( Full Answer )

Differentiate between efficiency and effectiveness?

Using a hammer to open a walnut is effective - the hammer easily smashes the hard shell of the nut - but it is not efficient - the meat and the bits of shell become uselessly mixed together.

What is the difference between effective and efficient communication?

Effective communication is when you communicate your point and it is heard, understood, and acted upon by those that you are communicating with. Efficient communication is when you communicate something in the least amount of time and effort necessary. It may not be understood, or liked, but it's cl ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between effective and efficiency?

Effectiveness is the achievement of objectives. Efficiency is the achievement of the ends with the least amount of resources. . EFFICIENCY means: saving TIME, MONEY or EFFORT . EFFECTIVENESS means how well the job gets done i.e. the quality of the output. Effective (adjective) describes somet ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between productivity and efficiency?

Business companies often measure productivity by the outputproduced during a specified time period. Efficiency, on the hand,relates to the quality of work in creating output with less wasteand using fewer resources.

What is the different between effective and efficient in using?

Effective means accomplishing the intended result. Efficient adds the sense of accomplishing the intended result with the minimum waste or effort. Efficiency refers to doing things in a right manner. Scientifically, it is defined as the output to input ratio and focuses on getting the maximum out ( Full Answer )

Difference between efficient and effective?

Effective is an adjective, meaning it is adequate to reach a certain purpose / goal; creating the intended output. While, Efficient is also an adjective in the aspect of performing or functioning in the best possible means with less effort, expense and time taken to reach a certain goal.

What is the difference between efficient and effective?

Effective means "able to get a task completed." Effective means "able to complete a task using the least possible amount of resources." Effective: How well you did. Efficient: Is the best way to do it.

Difference between effective and efficient communication?

From dictionary.com we have: Efficient refer to that which is able to produce a (desired) effect. Effective is applied to that which has the power to, or actually does, produce an effect. From my personal understanding they are synonyms and efforts of academicism to differentiate them is ki ( Full Answer )

Distinguish between efficiency and effectiveness?

Effectiveness is about doing what your suppose to do, the rightway. While efficiency is doing things in a way that is favorableconcerning a certain restriction, such as the least expensive way.

What is difference between cost efficiency and cost effectiveness?

Efficiency refers to quantity or speed, effectiveness refers to quality. Take the example of two Customer Service reps, the first one is very short with the customers. If they start to tell him any unneccessary information, he cuts them off and tells them "that's not important". He quickly resolves ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between proficient and efficient?

Proficiency means you are trained or talented in a certain area. Efficiency means you successfully complete a task using as little time as possible. In others words, you use your proficiency to complete the task efficiently. Hope this helps.

What is the difference between high efficiency and low efficiency?

Efficiency describes how well a device transfers one form of energy to another form of usefull energy. High efficiency transforms most of the energy with very little loss. Low efficiency only transforms a small amount into usefull energy and the rest is usually lost to heat energy from friction. For ( Full Answer )

Difference between efficiency and productivity?

In economics, efficiency and productivity relate to the making ofproducts, both goods and services. Productivity represents theamount of output compared to the effort put into the production ofthat good. Efficiency on the hand means the amount of time spent indoing the same thing.

What is the difference of efficient and effectively?

It's difficult to explain because they mean very similar things, but I would say: . Efficient means when a certain machine or person does things to a good standard . and.. . Effectively means this but more generally, when anything in the world does something to a good standard

What is the difference between efficient teacher and effective teacher?

Well the difference is, being an efficient teacher you just do your work as expected while if you are an effective teacher you go beyond your work. An efficient teacher focuses himself in accomplishing his to-do-list activities, on the other hand, an effective teacher always associates himself with ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between effective and efficient teaching?

Allow me: Efficient teaching might be construed as going in with a lesson plan, addressing every point on the plan, and coming out on schedule. Effective teaching might be going in with a lesson plan, addressing every point on the plan, observing every student's apparent understanding and trying pre ( Full Answer )

What is difference between fin effectiveness and fin efficiency and their significance?

effectiveness of a fin is the rate of heat transfered by the fin tothe rate of heat transfered without the fin.By knowing theeffectiveness we can determine how a fin increases the heattransfer rate when compared to the normal surface without afin.Whereas by determining the efficiency of a fin we can ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between productive efficiency and allocative efficiency?

Productive efficiency is when resources are used the best way to\nproduce a given output. So that means output is produced at the lowest cost.\nWhen this efficiency increases it means that, for example, each farm can\nproduce more apples than before. \n \n Allocative\nefficiency is when res ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between sufficient and efficient?

Efficient: being effective without wasting time or effort or expense; "an efficient production manager"; "efficient engines save gas" Sufficient:of a quantity that can fulfill a need or requirement but without being abundant; "sufficient food"

What is the difference between productivity and efficiency and effectiveness?

Productivity is the amount time you spend on "productive" tasks. Efficiency is how much you produce for a given amount of productive time. Effectiveness or proficiency is the combination of both. For example, if you performed a repair on a product and that repair was always billed as one hour of la ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between efficient and effect?

Efficient is an adjective that describes something that is performing in the best possible way, or is very economical. Effect is a noun that is the result of a cause or an illusion. Examples: 1) Her new appliances are very energy efficient. 2a) Driving for long periods of time gives John the effect ( Full Answer )

What is difference between efficiency and performance?

Efficiency is like a ratio. The higher the efficiency the less you have to put in or the more you get out. Performance is just how fast or how much it can make of something. Example: A hybrid car has a high efficiency because you get more mileage than say a muscle car, but the muscle car has hig ( Full Answer )

What the difference between effectiveness and efficiency on organizational behavior?

Efficiency described . Effectiveness described . · The state or quality of being efficient; competency in performance. · Accomplishment of or ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort: The assembly line increased industry's efficiency. · the ratio of t ( Full Answer )

What is difference between effectiveness and efficiency and why?

effectiveness refers to the ability to produce the desired results. efficiency refers to the correctness of the produced result ex; effectiveness is like making an engine of high performance and efficiency is like the extent to which it works and reach the goal of the manufacture

What is difference between good and efficient service?

Good service is service that meets or exceed the customer's expectations. Efficient service is provided in a timely, effective, and smooth fashion, without waste motion or material waste. Good service is usually efficient, but efficient service may not be good service.

How different kinds of muscles work effectively and efficiently?

Muscles are supplied by different nerves and they are placed at different parts of the body. But all the muscles are controlled by brain only. It regulates the movement of all muscles. It means contraction of muscles are relaxation of reciprocal muscles in controlled manner.

What is the different between efficiency and effectively?

Efficiency is getting the job done in as little time with as little cost as possible. Effectively is get the job done with the desired "effect". That is to say, the product or service meets standards, expectations with the desired results at the end. These two terms can be mutually exclusive. In oth ( Full Answer )