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Q: What is difference between efficiency and effectiveness?
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What is difference between effectiveness and efficiency?

Effectiveness is all about getting the job done expeditiously. Efficiency is all about saving energy, time or material.

What is the Meaning of management efficiency and effectiveness?

Between efficiency and effectiveness which one is more important for performance

What is difference between effectiveness and efficiency and why?

effectiveness refers to the ability to produce the desired results. efficiency refers to the correctness of the produced result ex; effectiveness is like making an engine of high performance and efficiency is like the extent to which it works and reach the goal of the manufacture

What is efficiency effectiveness?

Efficiency effectiveness can only be measured by results; cost efficiency, time efficiency, output efficiency, etc.

What is more important efficiency or effectiveness?


Distinguish between efficiency and effectiveness?

Effectiveness is about doing what your suppose to do, the right way. While efficiency is doing things in a way that is favorable concerning a certain restriction, such as the least expensive way.

What is most important for the organization efficiency or effectiveness?


What is efficiency and what is effectiveness?

Efficiency refers to how well you do a task. Effectiveness refers to how important the task is in the first place.

What is the difference between allocative and technical efficiency?

no difference

How mergers and acquisition has played a vital role in en-chancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation?

enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization

What is difference between fin effectiveness and fin efficiency and their significance?

effectiveness of a fin is the rate of heat transfered by the fin to the rate of heat transfered without the fin.By knowing the effectiveness we can determine how a fin increases the heat transfer rate when compared to the normal surface without a fin.Whereas by determining the efficiency of a fin we can know the heat transfering capacity of the fin material. both are ratio to heat transfer by fin but, in effectiveness we take base area of fin, other hand in fin efficiency we choose fin area except base area or area which contact with surrounding.

Why efficiency and effectiveness are important to management?

Efficiency and effectiveness are important to management as they will determine the productivity level. The output of any firm will be influenced by these two factors.

What role do you think organizational structure plays in an organizational's efficiency and effectiveness?

What role do you think organizational structure plays in an organization's efficiency and effectiveness? Explain.

What is the difference between effect and effectiveness?

Effect is what it changes or causes the subject to do. Effectiveness is how likely the effect will cause these changes in the subject.

Difference between mechanical advantage and efficiency?

Mechanical advantage is a ratio of forces. Efficiency is a ratio of powers.

What can Effectiveness and efficiency in accounting can be measured by?

The effectiveness and efficiency in accounting can be measured by several things. These things include how their money is spent, how they stay within budget, and how the books are balanced.

What is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness?

Effectiveness is the achievement of objectives. Efficiency is the achievement of the ends with the least amount of resources.EFFICIENCY means: saving TIME, MONEY or EFFORTEFFECTIVENESS means how well the job gets done i.e. the quality of the output.Effective (adjective) describes something that obtains the result that was intended. Example use: An organized workspace for doing homework is an effective workspace.Efficiency (noun) is the competency in performance; the ability to accomplish with a minimum of time and effort or cost. Example: Efficiency is important in this job because each task takes a number of steps to complete.

What is adjective of efficiency?

adeptness, effectiveness, capability, productiveness.

Difference between technical efficiency and economic efficiency?

technical efficiency is related to change in output due to change in input and economic efficiency refers to a number of related concepts.

What is the difference between loratadine and desloratadine?

The basic difference between these two drug is that desloratadine is major metabolite of loratadine. But this difference does not make any significant variation in effectiveness between these two drugs.

Difference between organizations Effectiveness and efficiency?

Effectiveness simply relates to reaching a company that has captured a 75% market share is very effective. Efficiency relates to how much they needed to spend or invest in relation to their if two companies each had only a 0.1% rejection rate off the assembly line, they would be equally effective - but if the first company invested half as much as the second company in quality control, the first company is twice as efficient as the second company.

What are effectiveness of mega spider search engine?

what is mega spider its effectiveness,efficiency,utility,learn ability and memorability

What is the difference between 8086 and 186 Pentium microprocessor in terms of efficiency?


Is there a difference in cleaning efficiency between a canister vacuum and a broom-style vacuum?

No, the efficiency lies in the suction and brush types.

Can an organization succeed in both efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously?


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