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What is domestic politics?

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Domestic politics refer to issues that are local (town or city), state, or country-wide. These issues include local, state, and Federal tax rates, building roads, highways, airports,, and schools, the need to hire (or not) more teachers, and regulating insurance companies, healthcare, and banks.

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There's foreign and then their's domestic policies. Domestic has to do with the country, and not the world. So Domestic would be stuff like taxes, health care, Social Security. Foreign would be stuff like Iraq. Hope that helps.

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What is the difference between domestic politics and global politics?

Yes. Domestic is local or national and global is the world. That's why it is called "global."

What are the difference between international politics and domestic politics?

International politics refer to two or more nations getting along together, like such, the United Nations is a form of International Politics. Domestic politics are politics based in only one country, such as President, Vice President, Prime Minister, and so on.

What has the author Valerie Yorke written?

Valerie Yorke has written: 'Domestic politics and regional security' -- subject(s): Politics and government 'Domestic Politics and Regional Security: Jordan, Syria, and Israel'

What are domestic affairs?

Domestic affairs, in relation to presidents (except Bill Clinton) refer to things that are happening in politics and government in the US - the opposite of domestic affairs is foreign affairs, and that involves international politics.

How do domestic and international politics differ?

Domestic politics refers to the political workings and political systems of a country. It refers only to that country's internal politics. International politics refers to the political workings of the entire world. Domestic politics are a part of international politics, but what is more important is the way the political system of the entire world is working.

What is the implication of the international politics on the domestic politics?

If a country is poor the international politics dominate her and for the richer states these are power games.

What effect did the Truman Doctrine have on domestic politics?

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How did the Korean war affect domestic US politics?

It didn't.

How did the French Revolution affect domestic American Politics?

by doing this

What affect did cold war fear have on domestic politics?

The effect of the cold war on politics is the fear that communism would spread in to United States.

Define domestic affairs?

The definition of domestic affairs is the issues that relate to your own group, country, or region. It can refer to what is happening in government and politics of your own country.

Why did Michael Savage get dropped from WHAM?

too honest & verbal re: politics & current domestic situations

What are the impact of international politics on domestic politics?

i have had my hamster for a week now and he loves to play and he bit my brother And he as a super cute purple wheel which he plays on at night and it keeps me up

What has the author John H Kessel written?

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What has the author Gerald L Curtis written?

Gerald L. Curtis has written: 'Seiji to sanma' -- subject(s): Political culture, Politics and government 'The Logic of Japanese Politics' -- subject(s): Political culture, Politics and government 'The domestic roots of Japanese foreign policy' -- subject(s): Foreign relations, Politics and government 'The Japanese way of politics' -- subject(s): Political parties, Politics and government

Why is Othello called a domestic tragedy?

Othello has been called a domestic tragedy because it deals with the matter between husband and wife. However, if we analyse it then we come to know that Othello as a whole is not a domestic tragedy, because Othello was not aware of the family politics and the gentle woman of Venice(?) Although it appears to be a domestic tragedy, it'd really just a general tragedy.

What has the author Aleksei Mukhin written?

Aleksei Mukhin has written: 'Putin' -- subject(s): Friends and associates, Domestic politics, Social sciences

What effect did the Vietnam War have on domestic U.S. politics?

It divided the country politically and led to numerous civilian protests against the war.

What is political globalization?

This question refers to both supranational governance, international organizations and the internationalization of domestic politics. Supranational governance refers to the ascendancy of bodies such as the European Union which transcend the nation-state model. International organizations involve the role of multinational bodies making issues and conflict resolution more expansive in scope away from national governments alone. The internationalizing of politics involves how domestic policy in one state affects another, and how others affect the domestic.

What was a woman's role in southern society?

Very domestic. Raising the children, making dinner, keeping the house clean. She wasn't supposed to be involved with politics and women were very illiterate during those times. They were supposed to be soft spoken and domestic.

What are the impacts of sexism?

wage gaps, underrepresentation of women in the upper management/boards/politics, harmful stereotypes, domestic violence, sexual assault, etc.

What has the author HELEN ES NESADURAI written?


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