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What is double murder suicide?

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4 people- 2 of which are murdered and the remaining 2 commit suicide.
or 1 person kills 2 people and afterwerds commits suicide

2007-06-26 16:00:41
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Is suicide murder?

Murder is defined as "The unlawful killing of one human being by another." It is important to note that this definition is by laws and no other means. By law, suicide would not be murder. However, some people do feel that suicide is murder.

Is there anywhere in the Bible where it states that suicide will send you to hell?

No. But the Bible does say 'you shall not murder' suicide is self murder.

Was there a double murder suicide at ross sheppard high school in Edmonton?

i go to shep, and i know for a fact that there have been no murder suicides here, ever! how dare you ask that question!

What was the reason of Chris Benoit's death?

There isn't a clear reason. It's either a double murder-suicide or more likely a triple murder case. But it's clear that the deaths were personal.

What is the duration of Double Suicide?

The duration of Double Suicide is 1.75 hours.

What are the causes of murder-suicide?

Depression, Anger, Overwhelmed, the list goes on.

Is attempted suicide the same as attempted murder?

No, suicide is you taking your own life, and murder is you killing someone else. So attempted suicide means that you tried to kill yourself, but attempted murder means that you tried to kill someone else.

Where is chirs benoit buried?

After the double murder suicide deaths of Chris Benoit, his wife and son his remains were cremated. No one knows what happened to the ashes.

Why is suicide illegal in most States?

The attempt of taking someones life is illegal. Suicide is such an attempt even if it's your own life you are trying to take. Therefore the attempt for suicide is illegal. That is the case with a successful murder as well. Since is illegal to murder, and suicide is murdering yourself, suicide is illegal.

Why people attempt suicide?

They Get Depressed And Murder Themselves

What is murder?

Murder is homicide. When someone kills another person. Not an accident and not a suicide. Murder is the ILLEGAL killing/homicide of another person.

What are the release dates for Crime Scene University - 2008 Murder Suicide?

Crime Scene University - 2008 Murder Suicide was released on: USA: 7 October 2008

Is assisted suicide legal in the UK?

no it is classed as murder you pyschopath

How is suicide different from homicide?

Suicide is taking of one's own life and homicide is murder, or killing someone else.

When someone asks another person to kill him will it be suicide and what do you call this type of crime?

Yes it is considered suicide and it would be murder or assisted suicide, depending on how you look at it.

What is the percent of people who murder to those who don't?

20 people out of 60 people would murder or commit suicide.

Where in the bible does it say you will go to hell for killing yourself?

it doesn't say it in the bible. But it does say do not murder. Suicide is murder?

When was Noida double murder case born?

Noida double murder case was born in 1993.

When did Noida double murder case die?

Noida double murder case died in 2008.

Where in the Bible does it say that suicide is a sin?

Nowhere.Another Answer:Though the Bible records some examples of people committing suicide, we find no commentary with these incidences. However, it's covered in principle in the Sixth Command. Suicide is an act of murder - self murder in this case.

Why did Marilyn Monroe commit suicide?

She died of a drug overdose. Some people say it was murder. It's not official if it was suicide or not.

How did Lewis Meriwether die?

By a gunshout wound either murder or suicide.

What are the 5 types of death?

Suicide, Homicide, Accidental, Undertermined and Murder.

Is suicide against the ten commandments?

Yes; it is the worst form of murder.

How do you get pass a murder and suicide in your life?

it's in the past... let it go