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What is dry rot and is it solved?


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If you get a tooth pulled u could get dry rot and then u would have to get a root canal to not get dry rot put a swab in your mouth were the tootth was pulled so it will soke up the bleeding and keep it moist :) ;p - crumbling and drying of timber or bulbs or potatoes or fruit caused by a fungus


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Dry rot what is the course

Dry rot is a type of funal invasion against wooden structures.

Dry rot is something that is no more good. This is something that has set for a while and has dried up.

Dry rot will affect your health because your blood will not be able to flow throughout your body. If dry rot is severe, you should get the dry rotted part of the body removed to help circulation.

Any tire will dry rot over time especially if it is exposed to sunlight.

Dry Rot - 1956 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:S

It will help, but the best way to prevent dry rot is to keep timber dry and to ensure it gets enough ventilation.

decomposition of wood by fungi

No. but it will dry out.

They can if kept in the wrong environment. They are most likely to dry rot.

The spores of dry rot can cause asthma attacks in children who have never had asthma. It can really damage a young child's lunges.

if there is dry rot on your tire is should be replaced. this can cause pressure loss and weaken the strength of your tire

Wet and dry rot are two differents types of defect wet rot occur on a wood containing of over 24% of moisture and dry rot occur at 18 % to 22%, to stop does attack you have to use de-humidifiers and mostly allow an ventilation more often to permit the wood to dry when the wood is completly dry i will advise you to protect your wood with wood polish.

The natural environment of Antarctica is too dry and too cold to promote rot.

The main cause of wood dry rotting is a brown rot fungi called Serpula lacrymans. These spores get onto wood and slowly eat away at the wood, causing it to slowly rot out.

Dry rot is not actually dry,,,,,, It decays wood by keeping it damp and allowing the growth of bacteria,,,,, To prevent it get it away from the water source and allow plenty of air ventilation.

Dry rot happens when the vehicle sits too much. If possible drive the vehicle even for shot distances, to rotate the tires. If the vehicle is being stored long term, then lifting the tires off of the ground will help slow the dry rot process.

It can be if the dry rot is severe.

Yes, rot is a proper word.The word rot is a verb (rot, rots, rotting, rotted):Paper money will rot if you bury it in the ground without moisture protection.The word rot is a noun (uncountable, mass noun):The potatoes show some rot so we should throw them out.Some compound nouns for the noun rot: root rot, dry rot, brown rot, black rot, boll rot, etc.The noun 'rot' is sometimes used as slang for 'nonsense'.

Im pretty sure its dry rot

Yes, they call it "dry rot".

It'll turn blue, then disintegrate then fly away into a fiery damnation. Solved?

Rot, e.g. Dry rot has set in to the timber framework of the roof...... or, the tree is dead and has gone has rotten.

dry rot, athletes foot, theres more

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