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Ethical behaviour is characterized by honesty, fairness and equity in interpersonal, professional and academic relationships and in research and scholarly activities. Ethical behaviour respects the dignity, diversity and rights of individuals and groups of people.

Ethical behavior is the standards that you hold for yourself of the attributes of honesty, responsibility, and how you treat others in all facets of your life. The same standards are applicable to whatever position you hold in commerce, in your
, and even behind your own doors where only you know what you do. Ethical behavior is applying these standards even when it is inconvenient to do so.
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What is consumer behaviour?

consumer behaviour is... . Consumer behaviour is the way a person reacts to purchase focussed marketing material or actions. It can be the psychology behind interpreting an advert, to why people look at the middle shelves before the ones closest to the ground. It is how you behave in shops, onlin ( Full Answer )

What is ethical?

ethical: right and wrong; having to do with morals, values, and requiring a prescription for purchase.. sentence: new developments in medicine often lead to discussions of important ethical questions.

What is the impact of cell phones on the social and ethical behaviour of people?

Answer . Cellphones purely have a negative effect on the social and ethical behaviour, due to the fact that cellphones, socially, breed a culture of introverted, isolated people who are unable to deal with real human interaction because they have been trained to communicate with others through th ( Full Answer )

What are ethics?

Ethics is abranch of philosophy which seeks to address questions aboutmorality; that is, about concepts such as good and bad, right andwrong, justice, and virtue. They are themoral principles that govern the behavior of a group or aperson.

What is covert behaviour?

Covert means hidden. It's when someone's hiding their true feelings (usually if someone has bad intentions) but pretends to be nice, I think.. Sneaky and underhanded would cover it as well.

What is behaviourism?

Behaviorism is a principle that can explain animal and humanbehavior. Methodological, psychological and analytical are threetypes of behaviorism.

What is a behavioural adaptation?

A behavoural adaptation is how an animal acts in its habitat. AND/OR A thing that organisms do to survive in a particular environment, such as the way they feed, breed or move. A behavioral adaptation is something an animal does to survive, like a bird migrating.

What is behavioural adaptation?

Some organisms behave in certain ways that help them survive or reproduce, this is call behavioural adaptation

What is individual behaviour?

Individual behavior is the way in which one person acts apart from another person or group. Individual behavior can be different than anyone else and is personalize by that person.

What is a cats behaviour?

cat behavior is varied. i have 3 cats, all very different. one is friendly and clumsy, one is timid and dainty and one is playful and a bit shy. there behavior with eachother... they all get along well. most neutered cats do. you need to watch out for more aggressive non fixed cats around other cats ( Full Answer )

What is Behavioural Segmentation?

Behavioural segmentation divides customers into groups based on the way they respond to, use or know of a product.. Behavioural segments can group consumers in terms of:. Occasions . When a product is consumed or purchased. For example, cereals have traditionally been marketed as a breakfast-rel ( Full Answer )

What is transient behaviour?

Transient behavior is the urge to be constantly moving or not having the urge to have a fixed place of residency. In other words it is basically an urge to be untethered to any fixed location.

What is a dingoes behaviour?

dingoes are naturally wild animals and bite when threatened... even though they don't seem to be very vicious they are, i have read about several children being attacked by wild dingoes when they ventured a little to far from there parents in the national parks or out in the wild, these dingoes were ( Full Answer )

What is simple behaviour?

simple behaviour is the behaviour of simple people like arnie... he survived nova gas = )

What is learning behaviour?

when you have a behaviour that makes you learn. e.g. when my teacher gave me homework, he said i need to have "learning behaviour". i then asked him what he meant. and he said you need to have a good behaviour to learn consistently! :) hope this helps.

Why do you have ethics?

Decisions about what to do (or what not to do) or what to be (or what not to be) are unavoidable. We all make decisions all day long. The only question is whether or not to examine your decisions seriously in an effort to improve them.. Good decisions lead to good consequences, whereas bad decision ( Full Answer )

What it ethics?

Ethics is the study of humans meaning the right thing t do to the people around you.

What is cognitive behaviourism?

Cognitive-behaviorism is a blended theory that incorporates both cognitive theory and behaviorism. According to cognitive-behaviorism, our responses are based on a complex interaction between thoughts and behaviors. Modern cognitive-behaviorism also incorporates elements of feeling-based learning th ( Full Answer )

What are Characteristics and behaviour of ethical person?

Somebody who brings moral rationalisations into even the more mundane tasks in his life. To be 'ethical' you must consider the ethics of every opportunity and see the potential to do good everywhere. :)

What is this behaviour about?

Behavior (or the European, "Behaviour") is the manner in which one behaves. Behavior is defined as the actions or reactions of a person or animal in response to external or internal stimuli. One of these actions or reactions is sure to offend at least one person on the planet, making them ask 'what ( Full Answer )

What is will in ethics?

The word "will" in ethics refers to human free will, which is simply our ability to make decisions. It's important to praise or blame someone only when that person has an alternative. If humans lacked the freedom to make decisions, praising or blaming them would make no sense. That would be like pr ( Full Answer )

What is an inappropriate behaviour?

Anything that is not considered socially okay. Most places requireyou to act in a professional manner and not engage in questionableor off color activities.

What is culture behaviour?

morals learnt at a young age saying please and thank you, eating, staying away from danger, culture behaviour is similar to instinct behaviour however it is learnt on what to do for example the body needs to go to the toilet, but you are thought to use the restroom.

What is Ethicalism?

When the society is based on Ethics its called ethicalism. It has best of Capitalism and Socialism.

How your behaviour affects the behaviour of your customers?

If you are pleasant and are able to listen to their concerns and really help them, you will be successful. Your days will be easier. Customers tend to get angry if you brush them off or do not take the time to understand the issue. Do get a manager if the person becomes angry.

What are the advantages of behaviour?

Assuming the asker meant good behavior, behavior increases others' opinions of you and opens up doors of opportunity not otherwise available.

How do you spell behavioural?

The spelling "behavioural" is correct in the UK. The US spelling is behavioral . (Some sources use the -ioural form of the word concurrently with the -ior spelling of behavior, which can be confusing.)

What is the owls behaviour?

there are two behaviours of owls that I know one is that they hunt at night and the second is that they can turn their heads all the way around.

What is the behaviour of a cow?

What kind of behaviour are you referring to? There is more than just one type of behaviour that a cow has, and it all depends on what frame of mind she is in.

What is behaviour approach?

finding were reflected in other early studies of leadership.we now turn to a description of an early program of research and more recent perspective on leader behaviour.

Is compliant behaviour the same as Ethical behaviour?

Compliancy does not automatically equate to ethical behaviour. While behaving in a legally compliant manner is certainly a step towards being ethical, it is still possible to be unethical whilst being totally compliant with legislation.

What is the meaning of behaviour breeds behaviour?

Behaviour means the manner in which one behaves. The actions or reactions of a person or animal in response to external or internal stimuli. Behavior breeds behavior" - this means that not only will your actions and behavior affect those around you, but others can affect yours too. If you want to i ( Full Answer )

How can you demonstrate ethical behaviour in childcare?

There are several important ways to demonstrate ethical behavior. Keeping a clean environment, healthy food choices, and appropriate learning material are all important in the development of a child.

What is a pavlovian behaviour?

Pavlovian behaviour is an example of indoctrinated response. The original experiment had dogs being fed while ringing a bell. After a while the dogs would start drooling in anticipation of food at the sound of the bell, even if they didn't get any food - so strong was their association of the sound ( Full Answer )

What are the rights based perspectives of ethical behaviour?

If you agree that people have certain inherent rights just because they are people (as claimed in the Declaration of Independence, for example, which asserts that everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) then it logically follows that ethical behavior would require you ( Full Answer )

What Does Behaviourism mean?

Behaviorism is an approach that combines elements of Philosophy,Methodology and Theory. from Iqra Rehman, Pakistan

What is mindless behaviour?

Mindless Behavior is a r&b boy band. The name of the boys are Princeton, Prodigy, Roc Royal, and Ray Ray. These boys are very young, and good music for you to hear.They have a manager who is Walter Misap, and Keisha. in conclude these boys make great music. if you hadn't hear them. You should.

What is behaviouralism?

The official definition of the word behaviouralism is "the methodsand principles of the science of animal (and human) behavior."

Why do you think that timing is important in ethical behaviour?

Timing is a central element in ethical behaviour. This is becausetime has meaning. If HIH (Australian insurance company) pays backits debt 10 years after its demise, that is different to if HIHpays back its debt after 1 year or less. The only difference inthese two things is time, however the time g ( Full Answer )

What is healthy behaviour?

Healthy behavior is activity that contributes to the continued or improved health of the person performing the activity. Specific behaviors that are often considered to be healthy include regular physical exercise, consuming a well balanced diet rich in some foods and light in others, avoidance of a ( Full Answer )

What is an unconditioned behaviour?

An unconditioned behavior is a behavior that hasn't been conditioned to be meant as a response to a given stimulus. For example, if you put a pigeon in a box, it will simply walk in circles to try and find a way out. This is an unconditioned response, it's just going to do that behavior on it's o ( Full Answer )

What is compulsive behaviour?

Compulsive behavior is behavior that is triggered by an irrational cause such as checking to see if all the doors in your house are locked even though you know you already locked them all.

What is unpredictable behaviour?

It is when people act erratically, not as they usually act. Often,when we know people well, we can predict what they will do... butif something is wrong with them, and their behavior becomesunpredictable, then we become worried.