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What is fastest single engine airplane?


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The North American X-15 was the fastest airplane and had a single rocket engine. The fastest air-breathing jet in the world was the SR-71. See also: Correction: the SR-71 was NOT a single-engine airplane by any definition. Just a little more info;

Although the X-15 was the fastest single engine rocket arcraft, the fastest single engine Jet aircraft was the F-106 Delta Dart made by Convair. It was aerodynamicly changed from the F-102 Delta Dagger to reduce drag at speeds faster than the speed of sound, along with other changes. "Single engine airplane" generally means one with a propeller. The fastest piston single is the Mooney Acclaim, although next week it could be something else. The fastest turboprop single is the EADS Socata TBM850. There are a few single-engine jets on the drawing board, but they're very small and they're not ready for type acceptance yet. Answer 2 for single engine propeller craft: The Lancair has had several speed demons for years. The newest addition is called the "Evolution". It is a single engine, single prop, pratt&whitney turboprop that has a speed of 338 KTAS (about 388 MPH) which blows the mooney acclaim (237 KTAS) and the Socata (320 KTAS) out of the air. But like the writer above says, next week it could be something else. The weird thing about the Lancair is not only is it the fastest prop plane I know of, but it is a KIT! During WW2, the P-51 Mustang had a maximum speed 437 mph (703 km/h) at 25,000 ft. They were later used in air races and could attain higher speeds. In 1989, a highly modified F8F Bearcat(another WW2 fighter) reached a speed of 528 mph (Mach 0.71). The Republic XF-84H "Thunderscreech" was an experimental American-built turboprop aircraft based on the F-84F Thunderstreak. Its turbine engine drove the aircraft with a supersonic Propeller as well as its exhaust. Although only one ever flew, it reputedly was capable of setting the unofficial air speed record for propeller-driven craft at 670 mph (Mach 0.9). It is reported to have reached 623 mph (Mach 0.83), but this has been disputed


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A twin engine airplane is an airplane which has two engines for the purposes of redundancy and/or performance. Twin engine aircraft are considerably more complex to fly than single engine aircraft, and so the FAA requires a special multi-engine endorsement in order to operate them.

A plane with floats is a "floatplane" or a "seaplane." A plane with skis is a "skiplane." Check it out: you need a special license to fly a seaplane! If you have a single-engine Piper and land it at airports, the minimum license is ASEL--airplane, single engine, land. You could also fly it with an AMEL--airplane, multiengine, land. But to fly a seaplane you need an ASES or AMES--airplane, single engine, sea or airplane, multiengine, sea.

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The fastest airplane on Earth is the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. It has held the fastest speed record of 2,193.2 miles per hour since 1976.

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If you are talking about Orville and Wilber Wright's flight at Kitty Hawk, then the answer is "Yes." The airplane was named "The Flyer." It had a single engine powering two propellers.

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Cessna claims that the fastest single engine piston general aviation aircraft currently in production is the Cessna Corvalis, also known as the Cessna 400. It has a listed maximum cruise speed of 235 knots, which is 270 mph. (Cessna website.)

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According to Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), the international organization that sanctions aircraft records, the Grumman F8F Bearcat holds the world single engine piston record at 850.24 km/h (528.88 mph). The record was set on August 21st, 1989. The question as posed does not make a distinction between those aircraft in current production and those no longer in production. The claim for fastest production aircraft is currently held by Mooney's Acclaim Type S at 242kts.

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it is the x-15. it goes 4,520 mph

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