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I am 42 and was tested and told i have adhd and a learning disability in 2001. I wasn't sure how to feel or what this meant for me. I felt angry that my whole life i struggled with school, work,family,my husband and kids. and now you tell me . So being the stubborn person I learned to be I didn't ask, tell, or treat this thing they called adhd. The learning part I learned to hide it.

I am older now and this is effecting every part of my life. So I decided to get on meds, adderal. I will tell you it does help me think clearer, but doesn't stop the body and pressure i feel in my head.and then i hyperfocus on what ever comes in my head it usally is let down in life, hurt,frustration and feeling like i need to go so my family doesn't suffer anymore. so i started looking up adhd. only to find out there isn't much for adults. my husband can't deal with it and doesn't no what to say or not to say to me so he needed help so he started looking up things. there is a group called CHADD that meets and has speakers,if your married they can come and they help you both deal with issuse that come up in marriage and how to cope withadhd. the other sites are I hope these help you, I am looking into phycotherapy they help you with the tools you need to manage and help build your self esstem again. As he found sites that deal with adults i have realised it gets worse with menapause and meds needs to be adjusted. There are alot of books out there on adult adhd. some are saying and teaching you how to see this as a gift, and list all the successful people that have adhd. All the information is overwelming and seems to confuse me and overwhelm me.So take it slow. I can and do share your hurt,frustration and fear. but it is important that we pull are selfs up and get help for are selfs. we don't have a problem helping is very hard when we can't help are self because it feeds the i am worthless, stupid. different,and no one understands us and pulls us deeper in. i am going through that right now, i see all the help but seem to be overwhelmed with it all.just be your self, don't try to be anything more. i have put on societies face to long worrying how people would respond. I don't care anymore what, how and if i need to take care of me and you should do the same thing.your worth it, and some day we can laugh about it.and feel free . i hope i helped you with information as well as sharing a little of what my life is.keep in touch and let me no how your doing.

be your self , live, laugh,and cry when needed, Karen

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Q: What is follow up treatment for Adult ADD?
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