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What is frankness?

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Frankness is to say what you think in as few words as possible, without taking care not to hurt feelings.

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He spoke with frankness and they believed him.

The abstract noun form of the adjective 'frank' is frankness.

With atypical frankness this student admits plagiarising this sentence off the internet.

He spoke with frankness and told the teacher that he had stolen the car keys off him, which lead to suspension

Frankness is to reveal oneself from the inner of him/her, without hiding anything. Blunt is a bold statement of agreement or disagreement, without any weightage to the emotions. Frankness involves one person. Bluntness involves two persons. Frankness is friendly to emotions. Blunt does not care emotions

Antonyms for cunningness:FranknessHonestyOpennessRealityTruthfulness

1) Determinism 2) Amorality 3) Objectivity 4) Frankness 5) Pessimism

Some nouns for 'saying what you feel' are:candordirectnessforthrightnessfranknessopennesssinceritystraightforwardnesstruthfulness

The quality or fact of being honest uprightness and fairness. Truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness. Freedom from deceit or fraud.

He was modest and diffident about his own success. She overcame her natural diffidence and spoke with great frankness.

guise or show. charade false front act phoniness being disingenuous (the false appearance of simple frankness) deceit

Certainly not. Genuine, which means real, not fake, is an adjective. Candor, which means frankness, openness, lack of deception, is a noun.

Garnet stone is associated with gentleness, affectionate nature, kind heartedness, sincerity, frankness, charity, constancy and truthfulness.

As long as he can take it. If his ego's bigger than his paycheck he might not want to deal with it but if she loves him and he knows it he'll listen to her.

Very much indeed. The design on his shield (a 5-sided star) reasonably symbolized his five virtues: honesty, purity, compassion, frankness, and fellowship.

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2009 was awarded to Herta Muller who, with the concentration of poetry and the frankness of prose, depicts the landscape of the dispossessed.

just because they are of the opposite sex!!the attachment or comfort or frankness that same sex people have between them can never arise between people of opposite sex.hence the question

Gambit is a word that means artifice, design, device, gimmick, jig, maneuver, play, ploy, ruse, or trick. Some antonyms of the word gambit include frankness and honesty.

sometimes its best to be quite frank and honest but there are sometimes when being frank could cause problems. don't get me wrong ALWAYS be honest with the person your trying to build a relationship with 'but BE CAREFUL the truth isn't always nice or what someone wants to hear. so be honest BUT watch how you word what you say and what context you use the statement in, but honesty and frankness is the MAIN key to making a relationship work....... Hope that helps a little bit!

The word machination means conspiracy, intrigue, ploy, ruse, stratagem, artifice, design, device, dodge, practice, or trick. Some antonyms for the word machination include frankness, ignorance, and honesty.

"Frank and explicit -- that is the right line to take when you wish to conceal your own mind and to confuse the minds of others." -Benjamin Disreli"Candor is the brightest gem of criticism." -Benjamin Disreli"There is no wisdom like frankness." -Benjamin Disreli

What appealed to the voters in this election was that one candidate had distanced himself from the noise of name calling and mud-slinging and had described himself with a openness, honesty and frankness that was surprising given that politicians are not generally known for their candor or truthfulness.

The noun form of the adjective frank is frankness.The noun form of the verb to frank is the gerund, franking.The word frank is a noun as a word for a stamp, printed marking, or signature on a piece of mail indicating that postal charges have been paid.

Meaning of the current flag: * white: nobility, frankness; * sky-blue: loyalty, honesty, irreproachability, chastity; * scarlet: courage, courage, self-sacrifice, generosity, love.The same flag but different meaning (19th century): * white: liberty, independence * sky-blue: God Mother * scarlet: sovereignty

Every day feels like infinity in a hellhole. Movies like Shawshank Redemption, Oz, and Prison Break do not even closely resemble what it feels like to be gang beaten or raped. I'm sorry for the extreme frankness, but no crime is worth it to be in prison for a single day.

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