What is g-unit?

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G-Unit stands for Gorilla Unit and is also a clothing brand. It is also a "Gang" involving all the "Cool" rappers, like 50, Ice Cube etc...

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Q: What is g-unit?
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Who is a wet rapper?

50 cent + Gunit

Is young buck still with g unit?

no young buck is longer in gunit.

Who is the most famous drumline?

gunit lil Wayne dude elendun 50cent papa rouch

Who is better 50cent or the game?

50 Cent made the game he is the one that gave him the push start when Game was in Gunit.

What brand of sunglasses is Lloyd banks wearing in his music video any girl?

gunit gucci edition will be out in 2011

What are those military looking shirts rappers wear?

their called general shirts!!! they are so hot to!! you can buy them from gunit clothing or t.i's ...

How do you get a free pair of GUnit jeans from the company that are tearing at the seams in the seat and down the legs?

Go to You can also get free roca wear and FUBU

How old is this gunIt is a single six ruger serial 62-86467?

Ruger website, customer service, historical data, revolver, find your serial number-

50cent a blood or a crip?

he's non he in g-unit there are gangs like the bloods and crips and g unit and the latin kings but 50 is in gunit and so is Lloyd banks tony yayo young buck and snoop dog. but g unit do work with the crips some times.

Who is 21 the producer?

he's a hip-hop, r&b and pop producer from phoenix. he produced the title track on crooked i's mr pig face lp. he did track keep my head up by hot rod of gunit and for my real ni***s by roccett of cte, and workin on mixtape with dtp artist willy northpole. he had a cameo in the movie fame and is working with actor/director Michael copon for upcoming film. has affiliation with grand hustle.