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What is hair cloning?


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Millions of people all over the world suffer from some or the other type of hair loss. In America alone, there are an estimated 80 million people experiencing hair loss. To help all such people, scientists are in the process of developing a new hair multiplication theory known as

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the answer by now is the transplant. The definite solution would be hair cloning.

They are gene cloning, reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning. (Hope this will help you)

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What is the protocols for Animal Cloning? What is the protocols for Animal Cloning?

no they are not same as the organism as cloning

In general, sticky end cloning and blunt end cloning

A good Christians view on cloning is no. No cloning.

There is DNA cloning, Therapeutic cloning, and Reproductive cloning. I'd say the newest one is Reproductive cloning as it has been successful on the 276th try with Dolly.

When a clone is made without the use of artificial cloning. Natural cloning: Twins, mitosis, asexual reproduction Artificial cloning: SCNT, therepuetic + reproductive cloning.

Cloning of animals is legal, but cloning of humans is considered to be a taboo and is not legal.

Embryo cloning is when you go through the process of cloning an original embryo

no because it you are cloning the same things

Ian Wilmut did not call cloning cloning. He was the professor that had cloned Dolly (Andrew) the sheep. Johnny

SCNT... Reproductive Cloning...

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theoretically, cloning is the same.

Regeneration is when a living being regrows a part of their body. Take lizards for an example. When a lizard is frightened by predators, it sheds its tail and later regrows its tail. Cloning is when you make a duplicate copy of a living being. You can take a human piece of hair and create a person exactly like the person you took the hair from because the hair contains DNA( deoxy ribo nucleic acid).

At the current development of cloning, No, cloning meat is not cheap, nor is it profitable.

I think cloning research shouldn't be regulated because cloning can be harmful to the world. Also cloning can have advantages and some disadvantages.

Cloning is a type of asexual reproduction.

The three types of cloning are Recombinant DNA Technology, Reproductive Cloning, and Therapeutic Cloning.

One can find information on therapeutic cloning from Wikipedia. Therapeutic cloning involves cloning cells or tissue from an identical twins are commonplace.

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