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Millions of people all over the world suffer from some or the other type of hair loss. In America alone, there are an estimated 80 million people experiencing hair loss. To help all such people, scientists are in the process of developing a new hair multiplication theory known as

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Q: What is hair cloning?
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Is anyone cloning hair?

everyday on my head.

Where can one find a place that specializes in hair cloning?

You can check in your area if there is a place that specializes in hair cloning. The company that I've found that specializes in it is called ACell Inc. Check out their official website for where they're located.

What is the solution to genetic baldness?

the answer by now is the transplant. The definite solution would be hair cloning.

What are the types of artificial cloning?

There are three different types of artificial cloning: gene cloning, reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning. Gene cloning produces copies of genes or segments of DNA. Reproductive cloning produces copies of whole animals.2

What are regeneration and cloning?

Regeneration is when a living being regrows a part of their body. Take lizards for an example. When a lizard is frightened by predators, it sheds its tail and later regrows its tail. Cloning is when you make a duplicate copy of a living being. You can take a human piece of hair and create a person exactly like the person you took the hair from because the hair contains DNA( deoxy ribo nucleic acid).

How does cloning technology work?

Well, Cloning is the process of making a genetically identical organism through nonsexual means. It has been used for many years to produce plants (even growing a plant from a cutting is a type of cloning). Animal cloning has been the su­bject of scientific experiments for years, but garnered little attention until the birth of the first cloned mammal in 1997, a sheep named Dolly. Since Dolly, several scientists have cloned other animals, including cows and mice. The recent success in cloning animals has sparked fierce debates among scientists, politicians and the general public about the use and morality of cloning plants, animals and possibly humans.Hair cloning is also in the process.

Why did the scientist create an exact duplicate of himself?

He was just cloning around.

What new ways are there of cloning?

There is DNA cloning, Therapeutic cloning, and Reproductive cloning. I'd say the newest one is Reproductive cloning as it has been successful on the 276th try with Dolly.

What is molecular cloning?

What is the protocols for Animal Cloning? What is the protocols for Animal Cloning?

Is cloning humans different procedurally from cloning animals?

no because it you are cloning the same things

Is cloning an organism the same as cloning a gene?

no they are not same as the organism as cloning

What are the types of cloning?

In general, sticky end cloning and blunt end cloning

What are the good christian values on cloning?

A good Christians view on cloning is no. No cloning.

Did Ian Wilmut call cloning cloning?

Ian Wilmut did not call cloning cloning. He was the professor that had cloned Dolly (Andrew) the sheep. Johnny

Is cloning legal?

Cloning of animals is legal, but cloning of humans is considered to be a taboo and is not legal.

What is embryo cloning?

Embryo cloning is when you go through the process of cloning an original embryo

Is cloning meat cheap?

At the current development of cloning, No, cloning meat is not cheap, nor is it profitable.

What is theraputic cloning?

therapeutic cloning

In What countries is human cloning legal?

There is no country in the world in which the cloning of human beings is legal, this is due to ethnical and religious reasons. The cloning of plants and animals on the other hand has helped us understand the actual idea of cloning in a different way. On information on the cloning on animals visit the articles on cloning on wiki.

When cloning results in the creation of a new animal identical to the donor this is known as cloning?

yes because that what cloning for.

Should cloning research be regulated?

I think cloning research shouldn't be regulated because cloning can be harmful to the world. Also cloning can have advantages and some disadvantages.

Where can one find information on therapeutic cloning?

One can find information on therapeutic cloning from Wikipedia. Therapeutic cloning involves cloning cells or tissue from an identical twins are commonplace.

What is the cost of cloning?

The cost of cloning is about $200,000.

When did cloning begin?

how did cloning begin and how is it illegal

What is human cloning basically about?

Cloning humans.