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What is in Peru?


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Peru is a country off the central pacific coast of south america.It is in the Southern Hemisphere.


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Lima is in Peru. It is also the capital city of Peru.

Peru ---------------- Where is Peru and where in Peru?

Peru means The Place Peru.

in Peru when it is cold in England it is hot in Peru and when in Peru its cold in England it is hot

The address of the Peru Library is: 6 W. Main Road, Peru, 01235 9279

The highest city in Peru is La Rinconada , Peru .

PeruPeruThe country south of Equador is Peru.

when and where did the 1970 Peru landslide??? when and where did the 1970 Peru landslide???

no, it does not snow in peru

there are no dessert in Peru

The address of the Peru Public Library is: 1409 Eleventh Street, Peru, 61354 2376

The address of the Peru Free Library is: 3024 Route 22, Peru, 12972 0096

Peru is a country. Lima is the capital of Peru. Peru is in the southern hemisphere, therefore so is Lima.

Cuco is not in Peru. The only tourist destination in Peru with a name similar to this is Cusco which is a city in the south-eastern part of Peru.

Lima is the capital of Peru.Lima is the capital of Peru.PeruThe country of Peru has its capital at Lima.

Peru DOSNT have tornadoes

Peru. with an accent on the u.

The Capitol of Peru is Lima.

Peru it is located in Peru

Peru doesn't have tornadoes

Peru was colonized by the Spanish

No, Peru is in South America

yes we do have television in Peru

There is no princess or prince in Peru.

Peru IS NOT in Mexico.

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