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What is in heaven?



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Of course no one knows what is in heaven, because the is no evidence that heaven even exists. All we have is a vague list of pious promises meant to make the faithful more faithful in the hope of getting the nebulous rewards that religion so confidently promises.

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The Christian Heaven, at least according to Mark Twain, is a rather dull place. In "Letters From the Earth" he examines the question of Heaven. The evidence he elicits from the Bible and religious sorts indicates that in Heaven you will:

  • Praise the Christian god continuously
  • Play music to raise god continuously
  • Not care about still living loved ones or those that didn't make the grade and are burning in hell forever.
  • Be forced to endure the company of people you despised on Earth because of their race or social station
  • Hang around with pious old biddies of either sex

You will not however:

  • Eat
  • Drink
  • Be merry
  • Enjoy the company of old friends or relatives
  • Have sex
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No one knows what exactly is in heaven but you can find answers in the Bible. Or, you can get to heaven if you are a Christian. To become a Christian you must

Admit to God you have done wrong things against

Believe that Jesus died for your sins

Confess that you need his help

If you really mean this, YOu are a CHRistian and will go to heaven


Heaven is that place where one has access to God. a place where men and women and animals will be able to comunicate with each other. We will meet loved one who have passed away. There will be buildings and roads, trees and flowers beyond immagination.

We will by the turn of our head go to any place we wish. Heaven will be a great Urim and Thumin where we can go anywhere, see anything and understand all that God has for us.

Heaven will be beyond our immagination.