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The original "Eclipse" shotgun was made in Belgium. The one I have was made in approximately 1892 (double-barrel). It is marked "Belgium" and "Eclipse Meteor", with a patent date of 1892. Although over 100 years old, it is very accurate with light loads such as light field loads or target loads. I will not fire heavier loads in it due to its age. Evidently it is not prized as a collector's item, as I paid only $190 (including shipping) for it from an internet acution site. Personally, I wouldn't take $5000 for mine because of its long range accuracy, and because long-barreled double guns are so expensive to buy new. Also, the quality of workmanship was extremely high, else it could not have survived over this period of time. My Eclipse is a work in progress - I am removing years of accumulated stain and varnish on the stock, rust (patina) both inside and outside of the barrel; restaining and reblueing. When I am finished, a comparable couble-gun would run at least $3000. I also have an Eclipse shotgun. Do you know anyone that may be interested in purchasing it? Mike (

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