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The Schroedle Dairy was my grandfather's dairy. The actual address was 2923 S. Normal and was established in 1915. My grandfathers name was Peter Schroedle. How are you related? My grandfather was also named Richard Schroedle. I remember him refer to his brother Jake. Grampa didn't live near Crane Company, here worked there. He lived at 29th and Canal St. This was around the block from where I understand the dairy was on Normal Ave. My dad is Lawrence Schroedle. He remembers the barn being there. Do you know if they actually kept cows there or was this some type of distribution point for the milk? Did your dad drive a team of horses or did they have trucks? I've made contact w/Bill Schroedle on this topic and he says that the dairy started in 1915.

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Q: What is info on the Schroedle Dairy in Chicago?
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