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Janssen & Co, Leige, Belgium became Janssen Fils & Co., c. 1892. Sometime between 1895 and 1914 the company became part of Simonis, Janssen, Dumoulin & Co. They would have marked guns intended for export to the United States "Sons" instead of "Fils".

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Q: What is information on Janssen and Co shotguns?
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What is the value of a 12 gauge Janssen double barrel shotgun?

There have been several variations of Janssen shotguns. Large gunmaking family in Belgium. J JANSSEN shotguns are typical hardware-store imports that top out at $250, but JANSSEN FRES (for example) can bring several times that.

Where can you find information on a Janssen Sons Co exposed hammer side by side 12 ga shotgun marked Belgium Laminated Steel?

To find hammers for old rabbit ear shotguns check with Dixie Gun Works

How do you find information about Russell Arms co shotguns?

You can find information about Russell Arms Co. shotguns online at places like Gun Trader or at many local gun stores. You can also find information online at Shotgun World or Arms List.

Where were barton and co shotguns made?

Barton & co shotguns were made in Liege, Belgium.

How do you find information on Rodgers Machine Gun co?

Rodgers Machine Gun Co was a trade name used by the Belgian firm of Simmonis, Janssen & Dumoulin circs 1900.

Where can you get information about a Willam Parkhurst double barrel shotgun?

Made in Belgium by Simonis, Janssen, Dumoulin & Co. c. 1884-1905

1901 wedgeway arms co shotguns need information on wedgeway arms single shot shotguns over 100 years old?

want to know where the wedgeway arms company was and what one of their single shot shotguns would be worth

What about US Arms Co shotguns?

the best

Who manufactured Wards Hercules shotguns?

Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works and J. Stevens Arms. It could be from Simonis, Janssen, Dumouliln and Co. if it is marked 'Machine Made Belgium Damascus Finish'. Some were made by Harrington & Richardson.

Who makes WM Morse shotguns?

I was informed that' some Morsel shotguns were made by Navy Arms Co.

Where can you find information on a Hanover Arms Company shotgun that has side hammers and Belgium proofs?

JANSSEN Fils & Cie LIEGE street Lambert le bègue, 4 then street St Gilles, 87 was rested by Joseph JANSSEN (Bench of test of Liege 1865/1897). This firm evolved in time by changing several times of corporate name, that is to say: JANSSEN Fils & Co (bench of tests of LIEGE 1895 - 1937) and rue Lambert Le bègue, 4 to LIEGE.. Etablissements JANSSEN Fils & Co S.A. (bench of tests of LIEGE 1937 - 1951) to LIEGE rue St Gilles,87. Fabrique d'Armes JANSSEN Fils & Co S.A. (bench of tests of LIEGE 1951 to 1954) rue St Gilles, 87 to LIEGE. This company deposited various trademarks of which: JF&C -CAMELLO - HANOVER ARMS Co - NITRO-STEEL - COLONIA LIEGE- ACIER PYROXYLE - JANSSEN SONS & Co - SOUTHERN ARMS Co - COSMOPOLITE.

What years did George Worthington make shotguns?

George Worthington was a hardware store in Cleveland, Ohio, from about 1890 to 1935. Single barrel shotguns were marked with his name by Crescent Arms Co and double barrel shotguns by J. Stevens Arms Co.

Information about zacharias janssen of the microscope?

born on 1580

Where can you get information about Browning shotguns?

What is information about the Beebe Arms Co 12 gauge pump shotgun?

Beebe shotguns were made by one of two two manufacturers. Harrington & Richardson Arms Company made them from 1871 to about 1975. Hopkins & Allen made shotguns from 1868 to 1915.

What is the age and value of a Janssen Sons Co The Interchangeable double barrel shotgun?

Janssen Fils & Co was making guns from 1895 to 1965. Since yours is marked in English (Sons instead of Fils) it was made for export to the US and the mass import of shotguns from Belgium was cut off by WWI and never resumed after, so it's a pretty good bet that yours was made between 1895 and 1914. Value will be determined by how nice it looks over the mantle, usually $150 to $250.

Did Foster Mead Hardware Co make and sell shotguns?


How can you find the age and value of a 12 gauge J Janssen double barrel shotgun?

J Janssen was one of the partners of Simonis, Janssen and Dumoulin which was a Belgian gunmaking firm that produced shotguns for the American hardware store trade from the late 1880's through about 1910. Value is for decoration, and rarely exceeds $250.

Who made the 12 gauge double barrel shotgun marked Hanover Arms Co?

Janssen Fils & Co if it has Belgian proofmarks or Crescent Fire Arms Co if it does not.

How old is your 12 gauge shot gun only info on is Baker gun co Batavia NY?

There is a lot of Information on the Baker Gun & Forging Co. They started in 1890 and made shotguns up to 1923. They made several different grades of shotguns. I suggest that you go to a book store and find a book called "2008 standard catalogue of firearms 18 edition" in it you will find several different photos of shotguns and listing of the different grades. All of them are valuable. look on page 104 for the information you are seeking.

Where can you find information about a 20 gauge Riverside single barrel shotgun serial 961yk patented August 12 1913?

Riverside Arms is a brand name used by the J Stevens Arms Co. on many good quality shotguns. The value depends on model, gauge, and condition. There is little collector interest in single barrel shotguns. Information about J Stevens Arms apply to Riverside Arms Co.

Who made Delphia Arms Co shotguns and where were thay made?

Delphian Arms Co shotguns distributed H&D Folsom Sporting Goods were either manufactured by Crescent Arms Co (Norwich, CN, 1892-1931) or imported from Belgium. The same name was also used by Supplee-Biddle Hardware on Fulton Model shotguns manufactured by Hunter Arms Co. (Fulton, NY, 1890-1945).

Where can you find information about a black powder Richland Arms Co pistol serial 81634?

Richland Arms Co, Blissfield, Michigan, imported a variety of firearms, mostly Spanish and Italian-made shotguns, before 1986. I don

Who made Leader 12ga shotguns?

Baker Gun Co of Batavia NY

Shotguns made in 1970 starting with s?

savage,springfield arms co.