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If your gold necklace marked 14k look silver, if the gold metal color it is silver and pass 14k acid test, magnet test it is white gold mix with silver alloy's ! Sincerely: see: LIVING LIFE ENTERPRISES PRESENTS WIX. in Google .COM and for the Best information !


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My antique necklace is very heavy tick gold over silver and is marked 750 also 925 and 054, if it is vermelil or rolled gold why is it marked twice in the same necklace

A gold pendant should be worn with a gold necklace. If the pendant has mostly white or another color in it and just a small amount of gold it might look alright with a silver necklace. Try the gold pendant with the silver necklace and see how it looks, if you think it looks good than by all means wear it.

Macy's is a good place to find a necklace that looks like a key. They have ones in silver, white gold and yellow gold. Amazon also sells similar styles of necklace keys.

Gold isn't marked 925. Sterling silver is marked 925. That indicates 92.5% silver.

It tells you the proportion of gold in it.

Gold is not marked 925, sterling silver is. What you have is probably gold PLATED sterling.

I have a gold necklace stamped 926 italy, is this real gold or silver?

It means that it is gold electroplated silver. The 925 means purest silver. The piece is not gold, it is silver.

I'm looking for the answer to this myself. Is it real if it just says Italy? The piece I have looks to be gold and silver. Could this be why?

The worth of that necklace will depend on three main factors: What condition it is in, how much silver/gold there is, and how pure the silver/gold is.

How much gold is put on a silver neck less

925 = silver, gold color = gold plating

Gold is timeless, but it can be tacky if you are not familiar with the person. Silver is always a bit more refined in terms of apprearance. In terms of value a true gold necklace will cost you much more.

bought 14k necklace hollowfilled necklace has marked 888 on clasp end what does this mean?

Star Gold "could" be the brand! 925 used mostly on silver items!

No. 14 karat gold is about60% gold30% silver10% palladium

14 kt or 14 k refers to pureness of the gold or gold plating. Pure gold is 24 karat. There is nothing in your description that would help determine whether the necklace is 1 week old or 200 years old.

The "925 Italy" marking on your necklace indicates sterling silver composition. If it is a yellow color, then it is vermeil - gold plated silver.Visit the links below to learn more about gold and silver markings.

It looks cool when you wear that's the only point

.925 is the marking for sterling silver.

Its not a gold necklace, its gold plated silver. If you don't give us the weight of the piece, no one can help you. Silver is not like a brand name or something, its a commodity, its valued by the weight, by exactly how much physical metal you have.

925 is sterling silver. Gold plated is properly over Sterling silver Lynda

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