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What is live project?

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A project in which each and every assumption ,requirements are given by client only

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What percent of animals that live in the prairies live in burrows?

someone help me its a project

Where do I find small plastic animals that live in the forest for a school project?

they live at walmart

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No, zebras live in Africa- i am doing research on zebras for a project.

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I am doing a project on this the answer is SNAIL, AND A TURTLE ! :)

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in windowsmovie maker

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I live in the country and find the corrugated bath room to fit well as a DIY project

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i need to know because i have a project and its due tomorrow .

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The Trevor Project is an American based organisation and only accepts calls from the US, so unfortunately not.

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i did a ecosystem project on this is what i found:ant,fly,fox,& an owl

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any kind

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You can probably send mail in to Oxygen Live.

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i have to do the ruby-throated hummingbird for a science project!!!!

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You need to get this answer...Because I'm doing project on this fish!! Ha

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No the betta fish will die in the sea.Only in fresh water they will live

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One Life to Live - 1968 The Blair Snitch Project 1-10499 was released on: USA: 11 August 2009

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we might be able to live on the moon due to the NASA project of a human space elevator.[Cool,huh?]

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Lynx do give live birth. I had to do a project. I know what I am talking about

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you could make a project about how the infostructure is and will affect the world we live in

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This is my question and i don't really know. I have to do this as a project an i am doing the animal the platypus

What is a catchy title for a science fair project on plants?

As the seed grows/ How do plants live and reproduce?

In the book Private Peaceful what town did Charlie Peaceful live in?

weve been doing this at school as a project. & charlie peaceful and tommo live in Hatherleigh

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