What is meant by Que sobroso?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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It's sabroso, and the expression is "How tasty/yummy/flavorful/delicious!"

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Q: What is meant by Que sobroso?
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What is meant by 'que' in 'this is your que to ask her if she loves you'?

They misspelled it, they meant to put a c there, as in, that's your cue.

What does que sevas que mean?

You meant: ...QUE SEPAS QUE... Quiero que sepas que te estimo --- I want you to know I appreciate you (informal you singular)

What does que consancio?

it means how tiring...although it is misspelled, i think what you meant is que cansancio.

What is meant que estabas pensando?

It means "You were thinking."

What does que desayunos mean in English?

it literally means "what breakfasts"if you meant "que desayunas" that is "what do you eat for breakfast"

How do you answer i know what it meant in French?

To answer "I know what it meant" in French, you can say "Je sais ce que cela voulait dire."

How do I say 'what I meant to say was' in French?

"what I meant to say" is 'ce que je voulais dire, ...' in French.

What does hay que mean in spanish?

"que hay" might mean: that there areif it's a question it might mean: what is there?if you accidentally mixed up the order and you meant "hay que," that means: it is necessary.

What does Apuesto a que alzΓ³ la vista lo que esto significaba mean?

This series of words seems to be what Google Translate shows the Spanish Translation of: I bet you looked what this meant. However the words above translate back to English as: I bet that you raised the view what this meant. The best way to ask this in Spanish is to use the word "buscar" (to seek or to look for something) "Apuesto que buscó [buscaste] lo que esto significaba" - I bet you looked for what this meant.

How do you say they're delecious in spanish?

Esquisito. Puede ser usado para sabores y olores

What does oy e q lo q mami mean in spanish?

You meant:¡Oye! Que lo que mami (quisiera)--- Hey! What mummy (wanted)

What does que voi mean in English?

When I was a child and I used to call for my Nonno, he would call back "Que voi?" I though it meant something like: "What do I hear?" or "I hear you!"... He was Tuscano.