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What is meant by communication with professionals and non-professionals?

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It typically refers to the ability to communicate with professional individuals such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, etc., as well as the support, clerical and hourly personnel in a work place.

In a health and social care setting this can encompass professional individuals such as; doctors, nurses, consultants, care assistants and auxilery nurses

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What term describes work done by nonprofessionals?

Amateur is a term that describes work done by nonprofessionals.

What is meant by the term effective communication?

What is meant by the term effective communication is that the communication is helping to get something done. Yelling and screaming is not effective communication.

What is meant by horizontal communication?

horizontal communication

Who are laypeople?

Nonprofessionals doing professional work.

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Give the meaning of unintended communication?

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What is the motto of Health Communication Network?

The motto of Health Communication Network is 'Supporting health professionals at the point of care'.

Can nonprofessionals use Adobe Photoshop?

yes i do im not professional

What is meant communication barrier?

i know but they are asking to me i

What is meant by the term informal channel of communication?


What is meant by electronics and communication?

electronics & communication means receving and sending information through signals

What is meant by communication barriers?

i really dont known

What is meant by the phrase The Hermeneutic Circle?

ongoing communication

Why is it important to use appropriate medical terminology as directed in oral and written communication with patients fellow workers and health professionals?

To avoid errors of communication

What is meant by 'soft communication skills' and 'hard communication skills'?

what are hard skills

How can you use codes of diseases?

They are used for billing purposes, and are also invaluable for communication among professionals.

What is meant by Commercial Communication?

It means communications designed for businesses.

What is meant by wireless communication?

is the transfer of information over a distance with out the use of electrical conductors or wires (or) communication with out wires

What is meant by growth maximizer pro?

this helps people grow taller these are the professionals at maximizing your growth

Does a rosary effect communication?

To me i think that it does effect communication because it is meant to be prayed with attention and modesty as if it were to be the last in one's life

What is meant by the term communication?

the activity of communicating; the activity of conveying information; "they could not act without official communication from Moscow"

What the objective of the communication?

the main object of communication is to convey the right message to the right person , i.e. to the person for whom it is meant.

What is meant by self supporting in electronics and communication engineering?

active component

What is an example of formal communication?

Formal communication is a type document, letter, or verbal presentation intended to share information to professionals or used for official purposes. Examples of this communication include some publications, newsletters, and letters of congratulations.

What is meant by communication software?

sending or receiving a data which is in the form of sounds,picture...or any other ...with out any noise is called communication software

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