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The biochemical reactions involving photolysis of water comes under light reaction. It is infect a chain of reactions commonly known as light phase.

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What is meant by the phrase to focus light?

to focus light means to condense the energy of a light beam down to a smaller beam through refraction.

What is meant by photosynthesis spiritually?

Photosynthesis is not a spiritual term, it is a biological term.

What is meant by the phrase it was already candle light?

It probably means that it was dusk, the time when it was necessary to light the candles or it would mean that night time is approaching.

What is meant by the phrase 'light scattering'?

Light scattering is referred to as a form of scattering in which light is the form of propagating energy which is scattered. Deflection of a ray from a straight path can be thought as light scattering.

What is meant by the rate of reaction?

The rate of reaction refers to the speed at which a reaction proceeds.

What is meant by the phrase trans ocean?

The phrase trans ocean is meant to mean across the ocean. Trans ocean is meant to be the same as transocean, which is not a word but a shorter version of transoceanic, to which it is meant to have a similar meaning.

What is meant by biochemical reaction?

This is a reaction which occur in a living organism.

What is meant by the rate of the reaction?

How slow or fast a reaction progresses

What is meant by the phrase a wallpaper your desktop?

The phrase a wallpaper on your desktop can mean that your desktop is covered in papers. This can be meant on your computer or your actual desk.

What is a choloroplast?

Chloroplast is a cell organelle meant for photosynthesis

What is meant by the phrase computer?

"The phrase computer" is not a colloquial phrase. It could mean all kinds of things.

What is meant of '. ' in chemical reaction?

'.' shows the multiplication in chemical reaction.

What is meant by phrase you smell divine?

You smell heavenly or you smell very good :) Is this what you meant?

What is meant by the rate of photosynthesis?

This means the rate in which a plant is able to absorb light through its chlorophyll while in the presence of Carbon dioxide and water in order to produce Oxygen and Glucose.

What is meant by stress?

The stress is reaction of body.

What is the type 4 CH4 O2 CO2 H2O?

Assuming you meant to write this as a reaction and assuming you meant to ask a coherent question, this is a combustion reaction

How do you explain what is meant by carbon fixation?

umm because, they related to photosynthesis

What is meant by dehydration reaction?

Dehydration is the loss of a water molecule from a reactant in a chemical reaction.

What are living things unable to carry photosynthesis?

Living things DO carry out photosynthesis, since green plants are living things. They are not animals, if that is what you meant. Animals do not have chlorophyll, which is needed for photosynthesis.

What is meant by the phrase Just in general?

'Just in general' is a phrase that simply means with no specific point in mind.

What is meant by the frequency of light?

What is meant by the frequency of light is the width of its signal as it travels through space. It determines what color the light will be seen as.

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