What is meant by pre-colonial period?

The pre-colonial period is basically the time before Spain, France, Britain, Italy, and Germany began to travel to other countries. The colonial period was from around the 1450's to the mid 19th century, it was enabled mainly by the use of ships, which allowed the European countries to establish influence in different areas of the world, mainly South America and Africa, although India saw a lot of British influence. The pre-colonial period didn't have much interdependence between continents, the most contact that Africa had with Europe prior to the 1450's was with Greece and Rome, both of whom expanded to the areas around the Mediterranean sea. The colonies became the beginnings of gobalisation, and, though exploited, were a large part of what allowed Europe to become so powerful. Before the colonial period was the middle and dark ages in Europe, most other civilisations were isolated and kept mostly to themselves. It basically means before real contact, followed by colonisation, began to become popular. Colonialism can be viewed as either good or bad, but the main point is that it established the current state of globalisation and interdependence we see today.