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cr 80

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Q: What is more powerful a 2002 CRF 150 OR a 2002 CR 80?
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What is more powerful a 2004 yz 85 or a 2008 crf 150?

the crf150 i own a 04yz and i rode the crf its a crazy bike

How fast does a crf 150 go?

my stock crf 150 does 112mph.

How fast can a crf 150 go?

my crf 150 is fully modified up n hits about 110mph

What is the top speed of a 2005 Honda crf 150?

i have a 08 crf 150 and it goes upwards of 110 kmph if it helps

Is a 2002 Honda crf 50cc dirt bike a 2 0r 4 stroke?

There was no 2002 Honda CRF 50. In that year, it was an XR 50, 4 stroke. In 2003, Honda introduced the 4 stroke CRF 150 and CRF 230. Next year, the XR 50 and XR 70 were relabeled as CRF's. The CRF is just marketing, cooler to be a CRF than the previous XR label for that same machine. (I'm a Dad whose kid went through an XR 50, XR 70, XR 100, and CRF 150, ALL 4 strokes.) The XRorCRF 50 is a 4 Stroke, 3 speed, automatic clutch.

What is better a crf 150r or a crf 230f?

go with the 230, its more reliable, fast enough for the interstate, and powerful enough to pull you pants off, trust me, i have one.

Where can one find images of the CRF 150 Bike?

The CRF 150 is a motorbike produced by Honda. Images of this bike and a variety of others can be found on the website BikePics, which offers dozens of photographs of the CRF from many different owners.

What is the oil capacity of a 2004 Honda CRF 150?

The oil capacity of a 2004 Honda CRF 150 is one liter of oil. This is equal to 1.1 quarts of oil.

Top speed of a crf 150?

Stock, a CRF 150F will do around 60 mph while a CRF 150R will probably go a bit past 70 mph.

What are some known problems with the Honda CRF 150?

The most commonly reported problem or issue with the Honda CRF 150 seems to be starting it. There are known issues in the difficulty starting the bike.

Top speed of Honda CRF 150?

about 53-58

How tall is a Honda crf 150?

42 inches approx.

Is a crf 150 a two stroke or a four stroke?


Does a crf 150 fit in a cr 125 frame?


How far can a CRF 150 RB jump?

Depends on who is jumping it

What is the oil capacity of a 2005 Honda CRF 150?

1.1 quarts.

What does a crf stand for on a dirt bike?

CRF is just a label used by Honda in classifing the type of bike. for example Honda has lots of crf's. 50, 70, 80, 100, 150, 230, 250, 450.

Suzuki rmz 450 vs Honda crf 450?

Dont get me wrong they are both great bikes but suzuki has always had fast bikes my friend has a suzuki drz 125 and his friend has a Honda crf 150 the suzuki drz 125 has more power and is a great bike the Honda crf 150 is also a great bike but suzuki rmz 450 vs Honda crf 450 im going with......... suzuki rmz 450 all the way!!!!!!!

Where is the transmission oil drain bolt on Honda crf 150?

it is on the bottom of of the bike

How fast does a Honda crf 150 go with a 130lb person on it?

1 mph

How fast does a CRF 150 4 stroke go?

About 60 to 62 mph

What is the most powerful dirt bike?

The most powerful dirt bike is the Honda CRF 450,It's power is rediculous!

How fast is a crf 150 r?

it goes around 89 miles per hour

Is a crf150f faster then a drz125?

The CRF 150 will barely edge the DRZ 125 on top speed.

Will a 2009 crf 450 engine bolt into a 2002 crf450 frame?

problably not .