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What is most accurate rifle to 1500 yards?


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July 28, 2008 7:33PM

Main gun on the tanks I have qualified on were quite good at that range...but we were also shooting at other tank-sized targets... and had great high-powered optics...on a 50 plus ton stable platform. In a sporting rifle at that range...again the question "why"...but if an answer you seek... I'd have to say something in the 50 BMG custom rifle range. Why: 1) Big heavy bullet (pushing 1,000 grains or so) coming out at something maybe a bit better than 3,000 feet per second...not going to be a whole lot affected by the wind.. 2) when it gets there it will have sufficient energy to do something. Even so, there will still be one heckuva lot of holdover...which makes accuracy kind of a mute point... Now there are 1,000 yards competitions...from a nice stable bench, using a customized heavy rifle, carefully handloaded shells, and some high quality optics. I have read where truly good shooters can keep 10 shot groups to 10" or so...on a great day. But accuracy at these lofty distances is directly related to the money (customization) put into the rifle. Rob, US Army (Ret)