What is my ex trying to tell me we ran into each other and he walked up to me and said i still have feelings for you?


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your ex is better without you

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Well sometimes if he still is trying to get in your convertion you can tell. But other times if you still love him you could just talk to him say "I still have feelings for you do you feel the same way or do you still just like me as a friend?"

Maybe that person still has feelings for you and regrets the break-up.

He still isn't over his feelings for you and he wants to see if you are. He still isn't over his feelings for you and he wants to see if you are. He still isn't over his feelings for you and he wants to see if you are.

maybe because he/her still has feelings for you. if not that then he/her might be trying to say look other people find me attractive so i dont need you its all about attention. hope this helps(: x I saw both of your questions all i can really tell you is because she wants to get back together that if you are single and you still have feelings for her go out with her again it's that simple

girl, you need to tell him that you want him back! tell him you know you've been datin' but you still have feelings for him!

A guy may still be trying to get a woman's attention, even after he left her, because he may be playing hard to get. If a guy is still trying to get your attention, it may be because he still has feelings for you.

It means he likes you and still thinks about you and if he stares at you mostly when your with other boys, it means he is tryin to see if you moved on or trying to keep an update on u! But mostly means he still likes u and has feelings for u

There ca an intimacy after an affair if they still have feelings for each other.

Sure. I have feelings for a girl I haven't seen in 50 years ... but so what.

I'm sorry but your girlfriend is a terrible person. The fact that she is with you yet still talks to her ex or whatever he is that she still has feelings for, kind of says that she doesn't care about her relationship with you. I also find it really weird that she told you she still had feelings for him. Are you sure she wants to be with you and this isn't her way of trying to get you to end it? You need to talk to her about this. If you let this go on, I mean the two of them alone together, they still have feelings for each other... Something's gonna happen. No one could possibly accuse you of being unreasonable for feeling this way. It's crazy if she expects you to be ok with it. You need to ask her what the hell she is playing at.

It is really hard to figure out if your ex still has feelings for you, but you should not make them think you are wondering if he still has feelings for you. You should also try your best to remain friends because it is really stupid when you end a friendship or relationship and then completely forget about each other.

It means that you obviously still have feelings for each other.

He may keep trying to ask you out, boys do not always give up the first time they are rejected.

Yes he would still think about her and what they did. He may or may not still have feelings, if he doesn't those thoughts may go away after time. Memories will surface when they are around each other and the man should remove himself from a situation where they encounter each other if he trying to reconcile with his wife or girlfriend.

Yes he can. He possibly has different feelings for you both. He may have feelings of love for you, and caring feelings for her. But he still can have feelings for you both. But what you need to look at, and see is that he is with you. The other girl is his ex and you are with him now!

Ask your ex if he have feelings or she have feelings for you too. If they do, hook up.

You might think that they still have feelings for each other.

Usually guys still do have feelings after they break up with you.

he Amy just be trying to get you back but it sounds like he really does have feelings for you and wants you back

alot of the time yes it does. That or he's trying to win the breakup lol. He has no need to make you jealous if he doesn't love still love you. He could just move and be happy but he has this urge of jealously. Or he could be jealous of you.

It means that they are meant to be together and should not have broken up. they still need to be together in my opinion.

Yes, I think so. It´s really obvious that they have feelings for each other.

To find this out you hang out with the girl to see if you still have feelings for her. That will give you your true feelings about her.

SIMPLE- Get with another man to make him jealous this will soon show you if he still has feelings for you. Most lads hide their feelings. comment back x x

you should talk to him.ask him about your feelings for each other.................tell him that he should forget about his ex--.....................

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