What is naime in Japanese?

Updated: 11/10/2022
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names do not translate if you want to know how to write it ask:- how do i write "name" in japanese?

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Q: What is naime in Japanese?
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How is the name 'Naime' written in Japanese?

ナイミ naime if the e on the end is pronounced e as in bee ナイメ naimi if the e on the end is pronounced e as in egg

What is the Japanese translation of name Naime?

な い め means name. (hirigana) Your question doesn't really make sense. Naime is how you pronounce name in Japanese. I don't get what you are asking exactly.

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Depends which age your talking about: If you're talking from 18-30, you may search for Seinen (for men) or Josei (for women, which are pretty rare). I don't know about naime for more than that.

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