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What is needed in Utah to repossess a vehicle that has been sold privately with no written contract if the title is still in your name?


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  1. 1. to avoid the hassles(possible lawsuits) next time, BETTER paperwork on your part. Contract, payment record, security lien on the car.

IF the title is in your name, you are merely taking possession of your car. How will you explain why you did it when the debtor reports it stolen? He said/you said???

If the title is still in your name, you actually have more leverage. The car is still legally yours. If you have any questions feel free to email me, I own my own repossession company.


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yes, you are in a legally binging contract if you are both over 18 years of age and are therefore able to repossess the car.

Yes. If the lien is valid, a written contract is not necessary and the holder can legally repossess the vehicle in conjunction with the existing laws of the state in which the vehicle is located or in some cases where it was sold.

If you don't have a "contract", you aren't a leinholder. A lienholder must have a contract and have filed the notice with the county recorders office and the title must state you as the leinholder. If the person is named on a title as a lien holder he or she has the legal option of repossessing the vehicle as it is determined by the laws of the state where the vehicle is registered.

Are/were you listed on the TITLE as leinholder? Do you have a written contract listing the vehicle as collateral? If no to these two uestions, you should call a local attorney NOW.

People known as Edc's may repo a car if they are in possession of an original court order from the bank

From my Experience All you really need is a written Contract on the said property, Dealers, Used car lots, and Banks register the property financed so it shows the lien on the title. Private sales with money owed if you have a written contract you can repossess on site. if this is an oral agreement, You will have to go through the small claims division of the county courts

If you have a written contract that is signed & noterised you have a very good chance.If it was a verbal contract with witnesses that will back you up, you have a good chance.If the car is still in your name you have a good chance.If you have none of the above, it will be very difficult.

The co-buyer of a vehicle has equal rights to the vehicle if there name is on the title. The co-buyers rights can be defined by a written or verbal contract.

It depends upon the exact wording of the title of the vehicle and if there is a written contract or a witnessed verbal agreement concerning the terms of the sale. Generally the title holder can recover a vehicle under such conditions. The best option is to obtain legal advice before taking any repossession action.

When you signed the contract to buy "your" car, you are also giving written permission for an agent to enter your private property and take back the bank's car. Read before you sign!

Yes, if the contract requires that the borrower carry insurance coverage. If the borrower fails to adhere to any of the requirements stated in the written agreement the contract is in default and the lender has the legal right to recover the vehicle.

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the social contract was written in 1690

Oral contract means they can DODGE the contract. But the written contract they cannot do anything they should do what is in the contract.AnswerSometimes written contracts cannot hold up. It depends on many different things. Oral contracts can sometimes be as good as a written contract if there are witness to the verbal agreement.

A written contract is easy to enforce. You must follow any guidelines stated in the contract once the breach of contract has been done. If it is a simple matter of they have not paid for the car as stated in the contract you can demand payment in full and if they don't pay in full reposess it. If it is a case of sellers remorse then there's nothing you can do. You may need to file a lawsuit for breach of contract depending on how they breached your written contract. An attorney can help you make sure you are doing everything legally.

An agreement becomes a contract when there is an offer, acceptance and consideration. Absence of a written contract does not prevent a contract from being form. A contract can be both expressed or implied. Written or verbal.

The answer depends on how the lease is written. If the lease payments stop then the company can choose to repossess the vehicle. If the family of the deceased and the company can reach an agreement then the family could take over the lease if all parties agree. as a death is involved an attorney may need to be involved.

The specific term for the "act" of breaking a written contract is "breach."

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A written contract is an agreement written on paper by 2 or more people that is then signed by each person and is considered to be binding.

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The main parties to a contract are the people who sign the contract. Each party that signs the contract is bound by everything written in the contract.


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