What is panisse?

Updated: 11/8/2022
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Panisse is a culinary specialty from a region in northern Italy, but it is equally known and appreciated in south-eastern France. It is made from a base of chickpeas which are fried or baked. It is usually formed into logs, cut, fried in oil, and consumed hot.

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Q: What is panisse?
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When was Chez Panisse created?

Chez Panisse was created in 1971.

How do you pronounce panisse?

Chez Panisse is a famous restaurant in California. The correct way to pronounce Chez Panisse is "Sheh Pah-nees". The letter Z will be silent.

What has the author Adela Figueroa Panisse written?

Adela Figueroa Panisse has written: 'Vento de amor ao mar'

What was the name of Alice Water's restaurant?

Alice Waters is known for founding the restaurant Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California in 1971.

Who was the founder of the restaurant chez panisse in Berkeley?

Alice Waters

What does Chez Panisse mean in English?

The English translation is something close to "With Panisse." This translation is rough and could be slightly inaccurate. A better translation could probably be found by asking a native French speaker.

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Alice Waters is the owner of Chez Panisse located in Berkeley, California and it is famous for ots organically, locally-grown foods. Also, she helped pioneer California cuisine.

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