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What is produced in Italy?

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there is corn, olives and a lot of things

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Where is pepperoni produced?

Peperoni is produced in Italy.

Where is cheese produced in Italy?

the cheese in italy is produced in a factory called Unicef but most of the cheese in italy was sent over from England.

Where is Ferrari produced?


Where is the wine country in Italy?

Wine is produced throughout Italy.

What products are produced in Italy?


Where was the first Lamborghini produced?

In Italy

Where is the most wine produced?


Where is pasta produced?

Sure its italy.

What instruments came from Italy?

The Guitar has origins from Italy. Italy also produced the Violin in the sixteenth century. The Accordion was also from Italy.

What are the chief products produced in Italy?


Fernet Branca is produced in which country?


In which country is most of the world's Limoncello produced?


Where is Lamborghini produced?

homeland is in Italy but dealerships are around the world

Where is the car Ferrari sold?

Almost any where but there are produced in Italy

What products were produced in central italy?

wine and olive oil

What are some goods and services that are produced in Italy?

pizza and poo

Where is olive oil produced?

Most comes from Spain and Italy

What are some products grown and produced in Italy?

i have no idea what they produce

How much does fettuccine cost in Italy?

It depends. Where are you in Italy, is it fresh, is it mass produced, what store are you buying it from, is it organic..... There is no single answer.

What are some cheeses that begin with the letter A?

Asiago cheese is an Italian cheese. It is produced in the Vicenza and Trento provinces of Italy.Asiago cheese is an Italian cheese. It is produced in the Vicenza and Trento provinces of Italy.

City in which da vinci produced the Mona Lisa?

Florence, italy

Ice cream was first produced in which country in the 17th century?


What agricultural goods were produced in central Italy?

wine and olive oil

Who makes Zotz candy?

Produced in Italy by G.B. Ambrosoli S.P.A.

What countries have Charles daly shotguns been produced in?

Charles Daly shotguns have been produced in Germany, Japan, Belgium, and Italy.

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