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What is quorum?

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In computers :

Quorum refers to the minimum numbers of nodes within the peer domain that are required to carry out a particular operation. There are three kinds of quorum that specify the number of nodes required for different types of operations.

Taken from IBM, RSCT Administration Guide


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How do you use quorum in a sentence if the quorum was not met?

the short quorum crumbled the house in two hours.

What is the role of the first counselor to the deacons quorum president?

As part of the Quorum Presidency, he will share duties concerning the welfare of the members of his Quorum and the duties of the Quorum. In the absence of the Quorum president, he will take the president's responsibilities.

What is a typical quorum?

A quorum is usually a majority of the members

Is 'quorum'a collective noun?

The noun 'quorum' is used as a collective noun for:a quorum of shareholdera quorum of members

Is a Quorum of 90?

Different bodies have different numbers for their quorum.

What constitues a quorum?

A quorum (such as in the Senate) is 2/3 of the House. There must be a quorum must be present for the business of the day to take place.

What constitutes makes a quorum for both houses of Congress?

According to the Constitution, a quorum is a majority of those holding office; thus for the Senate it is fifty-one Senators. Generally it is assumed there is a quorum present unless there is a quorum call, i.e. a request to establish that there really is a quorum.

How do you use the word quorum in a sentence?

The senate has a quorum of 16 members

How many people in a quorum?

Generally a quorum is one half of the people that are on a board. Most bylaws do not allow a vote to go forward is there is not a quorum present.

What if you do not have a quorum in a condominium?

Depending on the type of quorum required -- owners' quorum or board quorum -- no business can be conducted legally if the required quorum is not present or represented. In extreme cases, best practices dictate that a board contact its association counsel for advice and guidance about the best course of action to take when achieving the required quorum is required in order to conduct business legally, and one cannot be gathered.

What a quorum number?

Typically a quorum is more than half of the members. By-laws often state that a quorum must be present to legally conduct business or hold a meeting. Most often a quorum will be a majority, anything over 50%, however, the organization by-laws may state some other percentage to be a quorum.

How many senate members are in the quorum?

51 since a quorum is a majority and there is 100 Senators.

What was red rum's real name?

It was Red Rum. He was out of Mared by Quorum (maRED QuoRUM)

What is a quorum in the general assembly?

A quorum in each house is set as a majority of it's members

If a quorum is not met what is the word used?

The word is: inquorate. Not haveing eneough people to make a quorum.

When was Assistant to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles created?

Assistant to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles was created in 1941.

When is there a quorum in a meeting?

The necessary quorum for a meeting is defined by the rules or bylaw of whatever group or committee is meeting.

How does a quorum affect a legislative body?

Unless a quorum is present, the meeting cannot pass any measures.

How many members constitute a quorum in the house of representatives?

The Constitution mandates that a majority must be present in the House to constitute a quorum for voting. Congressmen can request a quorum call to count if there are enough people there.

When was International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers created?

International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers was created in 1966.

What is the least amount of people to make up a quorum?

A quorum is calculated by dividing the whole number of members in a body by 2 and then adding 1 to it. In mathematical symbols, quorum=(number of members/2) +1.

What is the quorum required for convening the Lok Sabha?

1/10th of the total strength is the quorum required for convening Lok Sabha.

How does hoa elect board members if quorum not met?

Your governing documents define a quorum. For example, it may state that 'twenty-five percent of the ownership must be present in person, by proxy, or written ballot' in order to establish a quorum. The board's responsibility is to secure the ballots or proxies or commitments from every owner to appear one way or another in meetings where a quorum is required. If a quorum is not met, the meeting must be postponed until such time as a quorum can be assembled. If this is the first election for a board, interested owners who understand association governance can rally themselves and organize a quorum around members who want to run for director positions.

What is the quorum in the general assembly?


What is a quorum in the house?