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What is respect dignity?

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a quality that makes someone worthy of honor and respect

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What is the definitaion of dignity?

Dignity- Self respect, poise; pride

Do LGBT people deserve respect?

Yes, in the way that all human beings deserve respect and dignity.Yes, in the way that all human beings deserve respect and dignity

What is a dignity?

Self respect.

What does dignity mean?

Self Respect.

What is another word for dignity?


What part of speech is dignity?

"Dignity" is an abstract noun. It is a quality worthy of respect.

What is a synonym for honor?

integrity dignity Respect

Example of human dignity?

Respect for the dead

How do you treat a hermit crab?

With respect and dignity.

Define Dignity and its effect on individual?

Dignity is defined as the state of being worthy of respect and honor. This has a great effect on the personality of a person and their self-respect.

What is Death with Dignity National Center's motto?

Death with Dignity National Center's motto is 'Respect the will of the people'.

Why are privacy and dignity important in patient care?

Maintaining privacy and dignity is part of treating the patient with respect.

What does the name moez mean?

alot of dignity and respect

Sentence for dignity?

Dignity is a word used to describe one's self respect. A good sentence would be, she completed the blood drive with much dignity.

Why is dignity an important right to promote?

dignity is an important right to promote because we as human have the right to demand RESPECT.

How do you manage a new colleague?

treat them as an equal, with respect and dignity.

What is a synonym of dignity?

nobility, self-respect, pride, honor.

What is dignity and respect?

Dignity.. The quality or condition of being esteemed, honored, or worthy.. self esteem and poise Respect.. To feel or show deferential regard for a person... To avoid violation of or interference with someone

Should newly dead bodies be treated with respect and dignity?

People and their mortal remains of any antiquity should be treated with dignity.

Do all people have dignity as that of christian?

All people have the potential to have dignity. Love people with care and respect. Every person matters.

What is venerable?

Worthy of respect because of advanced age , dignity ... Etc

How did Mother Teresa respect human life?

By giving it love and dignity.

What is the definition of the word dignity?

The quality of being worth of honour and respect

How do you use dighity in a sentence a kid could understand?

dighity = dignity If you act in a way that doesn't hurt anyone's feelings that would be acting with dignity. If you act with honor and respect that is dignity.

Why does your husband mentally abuse you?

Because you let him. It is about control, and raising his own self esteem. Everyone has the right to live with dignity and respect, treat yourself with the same dignity and respect and do not allow this to go on any longer.