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I guess, you should visit dermatologists about that, but for the meanwhile, you can help yourself with your skin by using lotions or such with Phytessence Wakame, Cynergy TK and CoQ10 can help to rebuild collagen, in fact they can stimulate keep it natural. That will help your skin condition make it better.

2009-02-26 03:14:23
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What are small itchy bumps on your thigh?

Small itchy bumps on your thigh are likely just heat rash. This should go away if you do not scratch it.

What are itchy red tiny bumps on shoulder?

It could be a reaction to laundry detergent or a type of dermatitus. You should see your physician or dermatologist for a diagnosis. Good Luck

What are itchy bumps on forearms?

bug bites?

What type of bumps are on skin and itchy and then bleed?


Small red itchy bumps?

It sounds like a rash.

What are these Itchy red bumps behind the ear?

It's a rash.

What can dry itchy and burning puss bumps on hand be?


How do you get rid of small itchy bumps on your body?

Ask your doctor about it.

Do chickenpox come in a cluster of itchy bumps?

Chickenpox causes widespread bumps, not clustered. Shingles or poison ivy are just a couple of problems that can cause a cluster of itchy bumps. See your health care provider for definite diagnosis and treatment.

You keep waking up with red itchy bumps?

This could be a sign of bed bugs. If your skin has bumps that appear in threes, then this could very well be bed bugs. Bed bug bites are extremely itchy, i have had them before. They always appear when you wake up. You should see a dermatologist about the bites.

What are these Itchy red bumps on my bum?

The itchy red bumps on your bum could be an insect bite or a sweat rash. Try and wear loose cotton underwear and wash regularly to minimize sweat.

What could be a Non itchy bumps on breast?

Possibly skin blemishes.

You have these red itchy bumps on your buttocks and the around your anus what are they?

its called hemroids

What could tiny itchy bumps spread over your back be?


What if you have several bumps on your vagina and its itchy and red?

You need to go to your doctor.

What are Pink itchy hard bumps in cleavage?

signs of poor hygiene

What are the White itchy hard bumps on bottom of feet?

Same thing I have.

Why do you get red bumps on your body after tanning?

If they are itchy it could be sun poisoning

White itchy bumps on stomach?

you got something. go to the docter

What are little red itchy bumps at outside corners of eyes?

There are several conditions that could cause itchy red bumps around the eyes. They include acne, dermatitis, keatosis pilaris, styes and rosacea.

What could cause a circle of little itchy bumps on the arm?

A circle of little itchy bumps on the arm is commonly caused by an allergic reaction. However, it also can be due to temperature changes and the adjustment of your skin.

What are these non-itchy bumps on elbows?

Non-itchy bumps on the elbows could be a condition called Keratosis pilaris which occurs when the follicles become enflamed and blocked. It can be treated with topical creams such as glycolic acid.

Itchy bumps in the face what is this?

Well i guess you have facial herpes,does it itch sting and get red bumps? if so, then you got facial aids

Small red itchy red bumps on feet and on lower back?


What are small itchy bumps on face back and chest?

ye nans bummmmmmm