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What is some information about Shikamaru?


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September 13, 2011 6:00PM

Shikamaru Nara is part of Asuma Sautobi's group (who is the son of the late 3rd hokage) and his partners are Chouji Akimichi, the fat one who eats chips and plenty of barbie Q pork, and Ino yamanaka, the superfical blonde that is Sakura haruno's rival for sasuke uchiha's affection, which neither of them may ever get. Of the two teammates, he has the strongest bond with chouji, for those two were best buds since they played ninja as kids, and therefore, even in the heat of life and death battles, shika trusts chouji's taijutsu skills, as well as akimichi pills.

Shikamaru is known for saying phrases like "What a drag" and being annoyed with everyone's quirks, like naruto's hyperactivity, and ino's superficiality. He is the one with cloud envy, for he really wanted to be born as a cloud, free to roam the skies with no particular purpose, no danger and no drama, which he also hates, though his true feelings are more subdued and internal, while his opinions are usually made more subtlely like a old man.

Nevertheless, he is a bit of a leader even early on in the series, as he is the most objective thinker, and given his sensei's, Asuma's, comments, his skill at Japanese chess, shogi, proves that he is a verifiable genius, with a IQ of at least 150, if not 200. Shikamaru is at his best when he meditates touching all of his fingers together with his thumbs on top, which is what he does when he plays shogi, as well as when he fought and outsmarted temari in the chunin selection exam, and when he outsmarted Jirobo's earth barrier.

Consequently, he was the only one to become chunin out of all of the rookie 9 genin of the village hidden in the leaves (also called konoha or konohagakure, the official Japanese term). He achieved this because he had predicted his loss before it happened, and that he could not win either way, even though he outsmarted temari (a female sand village ninja, who he later hooks up with) by using the tunnel (that naruto made fighting neji) to elongate his shadow manipulation abilities, paralyzing temari, but practically exhausting himself in the process.

Tsunade, the new 5th hokage of konoha, chose shikamaru as the new chunin, and being short on chunin and jounin,she told him lead a group of genin, as many as possible, on a search/rescue mission to retrieve sasuke, who defected from the village to train under orochimaru, because of his cursed seal mark, and his lust for power that is rooted by his desire to avenge his family's death by killing his older brother, itachi uchiha, (who killed their family, the uchihas, with the possible exception of maybe obito and madara) which even in the most current anime/manga has yet to happen.

In part 2, shikamaru as well as others, including his sensei, Asuma, fights against the Akatsuki (a-cot-ski) member Kakuzu (and maybe Hidan, his Akatsuki partner), who ends up killing Asuma, who shikamaru avenges later on.