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"Sovereignty" is the authority to govern or rule a nation or group of people. Expanded definition "Sovereignty is the exclusive right to exercise supreme political (e.g. legislative, judicial, and/or executive) authority over a geographic region, group of people, or oneself." (from the Latin superanus, supremacy) In a democacy, sovereignty is considered to reside with the individual citizens. Commentary on the Rights of ManFirstly, man does not have "rights" but instead one right, the "birthright", to have everything. If plurality of rights appears that really means "privileges", the privilege of use licences. Privilege in the situation does not mean "privilege of the rich". Sovereignty means "soul reign" where if man has an eternal soul, it reigns within him and should in physical life. However, we have many people and many sovereigns may seem a problem. Thus leadership appears amongst sovereigns. It is necessary for order. However, today we do not have sovereignty in the market place as the Polity forgot in history how to bestow or grant it. Therefore, people are sovereign not land or things. We misinterpret many subjects in life. Land can have solidarity, but not sovereignty. The latter is exclusively man's. To grant sovereignty is a simple process of a pure trust Exchangor/Grantor granting it to any human that desires it. Once sovereign, one is a legal individual and not subject to anyone or anything unless he or she so chooses. "As of grace by the sovereign himself (agbesh)" (Blackstone's Commentaries 242 - Corpus Juris Secundum) == ==

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Q: What is sovereignty?
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What are different types of sovereignty?

legal sovereignty political sovereignty internal sovereignty external sovereignty

Definition dominat sovereignty and nominal sovereignty?

nominal sovereignty is the authority to only rule in name where substantial sovereignty or dominant sovereignty means real or actual authority

What is sovereignty and in a democracy who has the sovereignty?


What are the 2 kinds of sovereignty?

1. external sovereignty 2. internal sovereignty there are 2 additional kinds which are: legal and political sovereignty.

What sovereignty was Stephen Douglas?

Popular Sovereignty

What does sovereignty mean in Tamil?

Sovereignty - Yiraiyaanmai

How do you use sovereignty in a sentence?

Your sovereignty is not in question.

How does internal sovereignty differ from external sovereignty?

internal sovereignty = state is the highest authority within that territory external sovereignty = the recognition by all states that each state possesses internal sovereignty in equal measure

Types of sovereignty?

Sovereignty has four types. These are: Political, Legal, Internal and External Sovereignty. Sovereignty refers to the authority of a state to govern itself and other state.

What rhymes with sovereignty?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word sovereignty.

What is the sovereignty of god?

God is above all sovereignty.

What is nominal sovereignty?

Nominal sovereignty is authority in name and not in practice compared to substantive sovereignty which commands real authority.

What is actual sovereignty?

sovereignty is the power of state. where the persons are communicate with this power and the power is used properly that is the actual sovereignty.

What was the practice of popular sovereignty?

Popular sovereignty or the sovereignty of the people is the principle that the authority of the government is created and sustained by the consent of its people

What sovereignty means the government is based on the consent of the governed?

Popular sovereignty

Can other countries enforce their sovereignty over the Philippines sovereignty?


What is a visible sign of Native American quasi-sovereignty?


Is popular sovereignty important to a republic?

Popular sovereignty is important to a republic. The main principle of popular sovereignty is that the government is created by the people for the people.

Do states have sovereigety?

The states of the United States have sovereignty, but not absolute sovereignty. Some of the powers of sovereignty are ascribed in the U.S. Constitution to the federal government.

What is a good sentence using the word popular sovereignty?

Popular Sovereignty is a government in which the common people rule. China claims sovereignty over Taiwan. Queen Elizabeth II has sovereignty over the United Kingdom.

Who are those who rule in popular sovereignty?

Those who rule the popular sovereignty are the people.

What was Douglas's stand on popular sovereignty?

Douglas strongly defended popular sovereignty.

When did Orange River Sovereignty end?

Orange River Sovereignty ended in 1854.

When was Orange River Sovereignty created?

Orange River Sovereignty was created in 1848.

How do you use popular sovereignty in sentence?

The popular sovereignty dissolved rather quickly.

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