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What is stem cell research and therapeutic cloning?

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stem cell cloning and stem cell research are the same, they both do replication(clone) BUT the only difference lies in the purpose for which the clone would be created. Stem Cell Cloning-the clone is transferred to the body of a woman and allowed to go to term(reproduction) while Stem Cell Research is use for transplantation(therapeutic) Therapeutic' cloning is not therapeutic for the clone, who will die in the course of its cells being taken when it is 5-7 days old. Such cloning is, moreover, reproductive, since it involves the creation of an embryo, although this embryo will not survive to the point of being born.Therapeutic helps the patients to recover if she/he have a bone marrow by means of transplantation.

link stem cell transplantation for disease with cloning and want to stop funding for stem cell research over fear of human cloning. A study released in 2005 stated that 63% of Americans back embryonic stem cell research and 70% support federal legislation

not that much longer after stem cell research started.

One example of therapeutic cloning is in Britain 2007 scientists grew a human heart through the process of therapeutic cloning.Remove the nucleus from a egg cell.Remove the nucleus from a somatic cell (normal body cell)Mix them togetherLeave to stimulateThat will grow into a blastocystThe stem cells are in the inner layer of the blastocystInject into needy patient

stem cells are being used in research , treatment , tissue culture and cloning etc.

There are multiple socio-ethical implications and ramifications to stem cell research. These range from the ethics of harvesting stem lines from dead embryos and fetuses to the ultimate specter of cloning humans.

The most discussed type of cloning is reproductive cloning, producing a genetically identical copy with fatalities up to 95 percent. Therapeutic cloning is research based involving stem cells. Recombinant DNA technology involve injecting DNA .

Cloning is asexual reproduction. There are all kinds of research that can be done on stem cells without creating any actual embryo or causing the gestation of an embryo in order to give birth to a new organism.

stem cell research, vaccine controversy, antibiotic resistance, cloning

Stem cell research is about the cloning of animals and human. a cell that can be made into another cell.. eg: someone with alepisha can get stem cells injected and get the cells needed to grow back hair, etc.. someone with autism can go to some country in Asia and get them injected to help the cells in the brain.

There has been some more stem cell research since then...

The Internet, rise of Microsoft, Genetic Engineering, Cloning and, Stem Cell Research! :D

I believe that stem stem cell research should be continued.

Therapeutic cloning is important to enhance the understanding of stem cells and how they and other cells develop.

There are several ethical concerns surrounding embryonic stem cell research. Some believe that stem cells are humans with rights, not "things, "because they believe life begins at conception. Others are concerned about what the future results of stem cell research and of cloning (a related endeavor) could mean for the way we value human life--that is, whether it will become more of a commodity.

Stem Cell research to replace some things of the human body can also be used to make new things

He is in favor of stem cell research.

How much is embryonic stem cell research?

Stem cell research helps us to study the way cells develop. They are also useful for testing new medications and possible medical therapies. Animal cloning is one of the more controversial uses.

Adult stem cells are more specalized than their embryonic counterparts, embryonic stem cells can become any cell whereas adult stem cells can only be used to form certain cells.

A stem cell is an undeveloped cell that can theoretically be stimulated to produce any tissue of that species, with the DNA of the stem cell. Cloning is taking the nucleus from one cell and implanting it into another cell with its nucleus removed, replacing the DNA in the target cell with that of the cell the nucleus was taken from.

The pricedure is when DNA is extracted from humans cell inserted into a womens ovum develop and produce stem cells, Stem cells are removed from the pre embryo grown into specifi organ transplanted into the patient.

Stem cells aren't controversial, stem cell research is. See related link for the answer to why stem-cell research is controversial.

Jean-Guy Ouellet has written: 'The human embryo and therapeutic cloning' -- subject(s): Embryonic stem cells, Human cloning, Human embryo, Mora; and ethical aspects, Mora; and ethical aspects of Human cloning, Moral and ethical aspects, Research

Life is precious & only the creator should create is their viewpoint. that's why they are against stem cell research as well.