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What is stretching of the bronchial tube?

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Where are the bronchial tube the heart located at?

They're not. Bronchial "tubes" are part of the lungs.

Is Tube that connects the throat and bronchial tube is it the trachea?

Correct. The throat and bronchial tube are connected by the trachea. The pharynx, on the other hand, connects the throat and the esophagus.

Structure of the trachea?

Bronchial tube  

What is the opening to the trachea?

is bronchial tube

What is the medical term meaning abnormal widening of a bronchial tube?

Bronchiectasis is the medical term meaning abnormal widening of a bronchial tube. Bronchi- means bronchial, and -ectasis means abnormal dilation.

What is the bronchial tube infection called?


Is the bronchial tube larger than the bronchioles?


What The Tube That Connects The Throat And The Bronchial?

That would be your Trachea

What is the job of the bronchial tube?

Bronchial tubes help to carry the air to and from the lungs. When the air comes through the nose and mouth, it goes straight to the bronchial tubes.

What contains the heart esophagus trachea and bronchial tube?


What path from the throat leads to the lungs?

The 'Bronchus' or 'Bronchial Tube'.

What hormone is released after you eat a meal?

you bronchial tube is you hormone

The tube that connects the throat and the bronchial tubes?

The Tube That Connects The Throat And The Bronchial Tubes Is The Trachea pronouced trah-kee-aAlso Known As The WindPipe.

What is the order of flow of air in the respiratory system?

Nose-Pharynx-Larynx-trachea-bronchial tube-Pleura-Bronchial-Alveoli-Diaphragm

An abnormal dilatation of a bronchial tube?

"bronchiectasis" - chronic dilation of a bronchus

What is another word for bronchi?

Another word for bronchi is bronchial tube.

What is the medical term meaning involuntary contraction of the bronchial tube?


What is the tube that connects to the throat and that bronchial tubes?

It is called the trachea (tray-key-a)

What does an abnormal connection between a bronchial tube and the pleural cavity mean?


How do you spell bronchus?

That is the correct spelling of the term "bronchus" (a bronchial tube, plural bronchi).

What is trachea divides into 2 what before entering the lungs?

In two bronchial tube called bronchi

What is is the passageway that leads to the lungs called?

The bronchial tubes connect the trachea (breathing tube) to the lungs.

What does bronchial mean?

The term "bronchial" refers to the larger airways within the lungs, called the bronchi or bronchial tubes. These tubes branch off into the smaller airways that contain the alveoli, or air sacs.Bronchial conditions (such as asthma) prevent sufficient airflow through the tubes, either through inflammation, edema, or adhesion of the tube walls.

The other path from the throat leads to the lung it is called?

Bronchus.....bronchial tube, wind pipe, etc.

What tube branches from the trachae and directs air to the lungs?

Bronchii or Bronchial tubes connect the Trachea to the lungs.

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