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What is sweet dill?

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a pickle

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Is the cornichon a sweet pickle or a dill pickle?


Are dill pickles better than sweet pickles?

Dill pickles are the best invention ever made! If you haven't tried one you should!

What are some different pickle names?

dill,sweet,bread and butter,Candied Pickle,German-Style Dill Pickle,Gherkin,Half Sour Pickle,kosher dill,Sour Pickle, spicey

What do you call a pickle who draw it a joke?

You can call a pickle who draw it a joke a sweet dill.

How does Dill explain the missing pants in To Kill A Mockingbbird?

He says him and Jem were making sweet love.

Sweet tooth what can i eat that's sweet but healthy?

I have heard this and maybe you can try it too. When you cave sweets eat a dill pickle. My wife swears by it

What is in McDonald's tarter sauce?

Mayonnaise; coarsely chopped dill pickles (a bit chunkier than dill relish - sweet relish is not in the recipe); very fine chopped sweet onion - not much onion - just a tiny amount; a bit of salt (optional)

Are pickels related to quecombers?

Cucumbers (correct spelling) are the base vegetable used to make what we think of as pickles. They can be made sweet or "dill" based on the ingredients used with the base of vinegar that is the brine used to "pickle" the cucumber. Other vegetables can also be pickeled the same way. Sweet pickles have sugar and spices like cloves and corriander while dill pickles eliminate the sugar and use dill weed and dill seed in the mix.

What are the types of pickles?

The major types are dill, sweet, and bread and butter. Other classifications include kosher and gherkin.

Do you drink sweet pickle juice or dill pickle juice to get rid of marijuana out of your system?

Neither. That wont work

What type of dill do you use for canning when fresh dill not available?

If fresh dill is not available you can used dried dill. I teaspoon dried dill is equal to 1 Tablespoon fresh dill.

Is dill a drug?

DILL PICKLE are you kidding no a dill pickle is not a drug

What is the substitution equivalent between dill seed dill head and dill weed?

About 3/4 teaspoon of dill seed equals and average head of dill

How much is 1 sprig of dill equal to dry dill?

1 teaspoon of dried dill = 1 sprig of dill

What exactly is a dill recipe?

A dill recipe is one that calls for using dill as an ingredient. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with pickles or fish. It would depend if the recipe was calling for a dill relish, dill pickle or just for dill. If dill is called for then the recipe is referring to an herb.

What nicknames does Phyllis Dill go by?

Phyllis Dill goes by Dill Pickle.

How do you substitute dill seed for fresh dill?

You can substitute 1 tablespoon dill seed for 3 dill heads. The flavor will be less pungent than if you use fresh dill.

What ingredients are in pickles?

You didn't specify dill, sweet, bread & butter, etc., but I'll answer for dill pickles, the most popular type of pickle, and probably the one you meant.Besides cucumbers (the main ingredient) all dill pickles have water, vinegar and salt as primary brine ingredients, as well as some form and combination of dill as a spice. - sprigs of dill (leaves), dill seed (different than the leaves or sprigs, more like a spice than an herb), dill flowers (the head of dill where the seeds eventually come from).In addition, here are some other ingredients that are commonly found in dill pickles:Sugar, or high fructose corn syrup (small amount)GarlicOnionPeppercornsMustard seedCelery seedCayenne pepperAllspiceAlumTurmericBay leaf

Can you substitute dill weed for a head of dill in pickles?

What is the dry equivalent to a head of dill?

What is dill used for?

dill is used for pickles

What does Dill symbolize?

Dill symbolises innocence

Why don't dill pickles have dill?

They do. If they don't have dill in the brining liquid they are just plain "pickles".

Why does dill get sick?

Dill gets sick because he is not used to the Rasism like Scout and Dill.

What is the population of Lahn-Dill-Kreis?

The population of Lahn-Dill-Kreis is 263,054.

Can you substitute dill weed for dill head?

i have a recipe that requires 1 head of dill but i only have dill weed. can i substitute with the same results and what is the equivalent?