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What is the A Surface of an automobile?

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Why is the surface of automobile tires made rough?

It gives better traction.

Why are automobile tires provided with a rough surface?

because it provides better friction

Why is the surface of automobile tyers rough?

The treads cut into the surface of vehicle tyres are designed to push aside water on the road surface, and to increase the tyre's grip on the road.

What is a paint primer?

A paint primer is the first coat put on a surface to ensure that the following coats of paint will adhere more closely to the surface. This is very common in house or automobile painting.

What are the advantages of brake in automobile?

the advantages of brakes in an automobile are:to stop the automobileto control and balance the automobile etc

Is aeroplane an automobile?

NO, an aeroplane is not an automobile.

What is the word stressed of automobile?


Which is the maximum speed of Chevrolet vega GT 4-cylinder 98hp year 1972?

Well it depends on which selected surface the automobile is traveling on.

What is a automobile used for?

the automobile is used for transportation

Is an automobile history?

no an automobile is that has a motor and wheels

What is the antonym for automobile?

There are no antonyms for the word 'automobile'.

Is a bicycle considered an automobile?

No, a bicycle is not an automobile.

What is the Irish word for automobile?

automobile = gluaisteán

Sentence using the word automobile?


What is the prefix of automobile?

Auto is the prefex of automobile.

When did the automobile come to the US?

The first Automobile was built in USA. Henry Ford built the first automobile.

Example of light reflectors?

The plastic or glass behind the bulb in automobile headlights. Mirrors. Metalic surfaces with good surface smoothness.

What kind of machine is an automobile?

An automobile is a compound machine.

What is the automobile age?

The automobile was invented 125yrs ago.

How do you spell automobile?

That is the correct spelling of automobile (car).

How do you use automobile in a sentence?

This automobile sounds funny.

check VIN on an automobile?

check VIN on an automobile

Is automobile a verb?

The word 'automobile' is a noun, a word for a thing.A verb is a word for an action or a state of being."Automobile is a noun." The word "is' is the verb, the state of being of automobile.

Where can one purchase an automobile?

One can purchase an automobile by going to a local automobile dealership. This is simple because most automobile dealerships are located in clusters close together.

What to use to restore iron patio furniture.?

Automobile waxes are a great way to replenish the shine of patio furniture, after one sands the surface to remove excess rust. Another option is to paint over the surface with a rust proof varnish.