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Q: What is the Airflow or a turbine engine?
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Why do turbine engines use fuel to cool the oil in preference to air?

Because there would only be enough airflow to cool the engine while the aircraft was flying. When the airplane was on the ground before or after takeoff there would not be enough airflow to cool the engine properly.

What are the advantages of free turbine engine over gas turbine engine?

A free turbine engine is a type of gas turbine engine, where the power turbine and the gas producer turbine are not connected by a solid shaft

Is gas turbine an ic engine?

Yes, gas turbine is a type of IC engine.

Turbine blades are shrouded at the tips?

Yes . . .in order to reduce blade vibration and improved airflow characteristics . .

Why did they change the name of the gas turbine to the jet engine?

They use both terms. A turbine engine that's being used in an aircraft is a "jet engine," and a turbine engine that's being used in a ground-based application is a "gas turbine." Sometimes it's the same engine--the Lycoming engine used in the CH-47 as a "jet engine" is also used in the M-1 tank as a "gas turbine."

What is a Wind turbine a structure or an engine?

a structure with an engine in it

What kind of engine is a jet engine?

Gas Turbine.

How can you increase air flow to your 7.3 l diesel ambulance?

increase airflow around engine, or increase airflow thru air cleaner to engine?

Engine that starts with tur?


What is the use of a steam engine?


Is a turbine a form of diesel engine?


What is used to turn a generator?

A handle, a pair of pedals, a treadmill, a water mill, a petrol engine, a diesel engine, a wind turbine, a steam turbine, a gas turbine.

The main purpose of the turbine in the turbojet engine is to?

The main purpose of the turbine in the turbojet engine is to drive the compressor. The compressor compresses air in the engine to enable it to function.

What is the difference between a Gas turbine engine and a piston engine?

The difference is what is doing the work, in a gas turbine the turbine spinning does the work and in a piston engine the pistons going up and down moving the crank shaft does the work.

What is the main purpose of the turbine in the turbojet engine for?

The turbine drives the compressor. The compressor compresses air inside the engine so it can function.

What is the differences between gas turbine and turbine engine?

That depends on what you are thinking of. Gas turbine usually refers to all types of jet engines and engines that use the 'jet engine' concept. The turbine engine you are thinking of could be one of a few things, like a jet engine for military aircraft, turboprop, or turbofan for commercial engines.

What was the turbine engine on the Titanic?

The Titanic had a Parsons low-pressure turbine that powered the center propeller.

What is a kind of engine that uses water steam or heat that starts with tur?

The word is "turbine".

How does 300zx turbo work?

A turbine is connected to a compressor with a shaft. When the hot exhaust gases flow through the turbine, it spins the compressor, which is connected to the air intake, adding pressure and airflow (or "boost") to the intake.

Where is the mass airflow sensor located on a 1999 mercury mystique?

The mass airflow sensor would be between your engine air filter box and the big engine air intake tube

When two or more turbine wheels are used in a jet engine what is placed in front each turbine wheel?

turbine stator (nozzle diaphragm)

What is a helicopter powered by?

They are either powered by a turbine engine like a jet engine or a piston engine.

What causes hot start in turbine engine?

Numerous problems can cause a hot start on a turbine engine. Erosion of the turbine blades from exposure to the heat of combustion decreases the efficiency of the compressor/turbine combination to move air through the engine. Lack of the proper level starting power, either electricity or compressed air, will not spin the engine at the proper rate, again resulting in lower than needed airflow through the engine. A malfunctioning or out of rig fuel control can schedule the wrong amount of fuel relative to engine parameters. Also, the engine may be operating normally but a damaged thermocouple installation could be giving erroneous temperature indications. On an engine that has an EEC, ECU or FADEC it may be a problem with the computer or one of the parameters that it monitors. This is a fairly thick section in an aircraft troubleshooting guide as the engines have become so complex.

What is the difference between a Gas turbine engine ignition system and a piston engine ignition system?

Main difference is that in a gas turbine, combustion is continuous. In a piston engine, combustion is pulsed.

What are the 4 main sections of a turbine engine?

compressor section, diffuser section, burner section and turbine